Workbench: Final Cut Pro

Does anyone use Apple Final Cut Pro?


No sorry. Are you considering it?

I got it with my MacBook Pro so I thought I’d try it

I’ve used Final Cut Pro X a lot for video.
Here’s 482 examples of my work -

…then I found Descript. I don’t do complex video work anymore, so Descript is great for the caption videos for my podcast:

If you need to do greenscreen or complex titles or transitions then FCPX is frankly wonderful, but it can be a lot to learn though there’s a youTube video to teach you anything you don’t know about how to use it.


FCP is super powerful, but overkill for a lot of things.

My son is a wiz on it, @DannyvLHealthHats.

@AnetteCarlisle Perhaps I should ask him when it becomes worth it? So far I’m satisfied with Audacity, Descript, and Auphonic for audio, and less satisfied with Shotcut for video. I could see trying Final Cut for my 60 sec PodCom Journal

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I’ll PM you with his cell and email. Here’s his podcasting page: Podcasting — First Class Reels

But he’s an absolute wizard at video as well as audio.

Thanks. Sent an email

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I met with your son. I’ll take his advice and begin to learn Final Cut Pro.


Awesome, @DannyvLHealthHats! Good luck!

I’ve found that DaVinci Resolve works great for the video podcasts that I do. There are features that let you fine tune your audio.

Plus it’s free.

So, I started with both Descript and FinalCut Pro for video editing. I previously used Shotcut. I’m learning more because I have a client that likes a couple of simple YouTube videos I did for them last year with Shotcut and wants me to do some more this year. I use the caption/transcript .srt file from Descript. I’m having difficulty inserting clips into the video with the caption srt while maintaining alignment. Thoughts?