Welcome topic for November 2022

This is our regular “Welcome topic”.

If you’ve been around a while, please hit reply and share an “aha!” moment— something you are glad you discovered here…

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We have a merry band of Greeters.

You can attract their attention to your posts by typing @greeters — literally start typing…

@ g r

…somewhere in the body, like I did just there. This platform will then notify the greeters that you’ve mentioned them.

Here, have a map

There’s something for everyone in the Site map


If you have a question

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Thanks for reading to the bottom! Please welcome our newest members…

@bectilleyvoice @Jason @Heliosurge @armel123 @jpbarren @Annetta-iCU365 @tuancao @Fanflak @marianliu07 @Brandonius813 @Amin @lornashorefan @michelle20


Excited to be here and to share and learn from others :slight_smile:

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@greeters Delighted to be here as I want to continue to learn and be part of the Podcasting community which began with Seth. Thanks.

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