Voices with Leticia Latino van Splunteren

Leticia Latino van Splunteren joins Craig Constantine to explore the relentless pursuit of podcasting excellence and the art of staying true to one’s essence.

“The one thing people have always told me— […] I connect people. My friends, even from high school and elementary school when I go back home, […] I’m the one planning, making everybody see each other. I’ve always been that person.”

~ Leticia Latino 10:05


Leticia Latino and Craig discuss the essence and challenges of podcasting. Leticia shares her journey of producing over 250 episodes of her podcast “Back2Basics,” highlighting the dedication and passion required to maintain such a consistent output. She emphasizes the importance of creating a sustainable podcasting routine that aligns with one’s lifestyle and commitments.

“I think a lot of people get discouraged by seeing, sometimes the numbers and the statistics, and I don’t look at them. I don’t look at them because I look at the map of where it has been downloaded. And when I see it has been on every single continent [that’s] encouraging and empowering for me because I’ve reached a place that I will have never dreamt about reaching.”

~ Leticia Latino 35:20

Their discussion shows how podcasting, while a solitary endeavor at times, blossoms into a fulfilling venture through connections made and stories shared, showcasing the intrinsic value and joy derived from engaging deeply with guests and audiences alike.

The conversation also explores guest engagement and the sometimes meticulous process behind selecting and interacting with guests. Leticia offers insights into her approach to guest outreach, and how she tries to ensure a balance between introducing new voices and maintaining a steady flow of content. She discusses the strategic use of solo episodes as a method to keep the podcast alive during guest droughts, inadvertently discovering the audience’s appreciation for her personal insights.

Finally, the conversation touches on the impact of the global pandemic on podcasting dynamics. Leticia notes a shift towards introspection among podcasters and listeners alike, suggesting a deeper engagement with content that resonates on a personal level, even today as the world again accelerates post-pandemic.


Podcasting as a passion project—discusses the deep commitment and joy derived from creating content that connects with people on a personal level.

The importance of a sustainable routine—highlights the need for podcasters to develop a manageable and consistent process for producing episodes to avoid burnout.

Guest engagement strategies—explores methods for maintaining a steady flow of interesting guests and ensuring the podcast remains dynamic and engaging.

Solo episodes as a strategic tool—mentions how solo episodes can serve as a valuable asset to keep the podcast going and provide personal insights when guests are scarce.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic—reflects on how the pandemic has influenced podcasters and listeners, fostering introspection and a deeper connection with content.

The role of consistency in podcasting—emphasizes the significance of releasing episodes regularly to build and maintain an audience.

Content over perfection—advises podcasters to focus on delivering content consistently rather than getting caught up in the pursuit of perfection.

The global reach of podcasting—celebrates the ability of podcasts to connect with listeners worldwide, bringing diverse perspectives and stories to a global audience.

The value of process and preparation—underscores the necessity of having a clear process for recording, editing, and publishing podcast episodes to facilitate creativity and efficiency.


Back2Basics — Leticia Latino’s podcast, focusing on reconnecting with the essence of one’s personal and professional life. The show explores what makes people tick, featuring conversations with diverse guests.

https://www.leticialatino.com/ — Her web site with much more information, including her blog and media links.

Women In Business — The book Leticia Latino collaborated on, mentioned in this episode.

Akimbo Podcasting Course — The original course and platform no longer exist. But the material from the course was expanded and updated by one of the course’s coaches to become, The Podcasting Workshop

PodMatch — Mentioned by Leticia Latino as a platform designed to match podcast hosts with potential guests, facilitating easier content creation and guest sourcing for podcasters.

Show Your Work and The Practice — Two books Craig wishes he’d read at the start of his podcasting journey: Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work!, a book encouraging creators to share their process, not just their products, and Seth Godin’s The Practice, a book that dives into the process of doing creative work, emphasizing the importance of showing up, doing the work, and shipping it out.

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@craigconstantine This may be my favorite Podtalk episode ever. The word ‘masterclass’ is woefully overused. But this episode does serve as such for both podcast newbies & veterans alike. There are a least a dozen gems contained in this episode, many of which has been called out in your notes above. Leticia was such a wonderful, insight rich guest. This is a must listen for all!

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