Unstuck - with Robbie Swale

Method, journey, and coaching




SO fun to do this with you, @craig. Thanks for hosting, and for making such a cool podcast - in keeping with the 12-Minute Method and such a great community.

Some links about the episode, and then a question for anyone who listens:

  • Here’s my book, How to Start (a book, business or creative project) When You’re Stuck: Amazon.com (that should take you to your nearest Amazon). I think I might even have forgotten to mention the title?!
  • Here’s my podcast, The Coach’s Journey: https://www.thecoachsjourney.com/

Question: that was a great prompt from Craig about my personal brand. I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts - what are your instincts? Is it right to split my brand or should I be thinking about combining them in the future?

Oh, and last thing - as we said at the start, I’ve set myself a challenge to tell the story of the 12-Minute Method on 100 podcasts this year… if you’d be interested in a guest to talk creativity, procrastination, habits, writing, productivity and more, let me know!

Thanks again, Craig, for all you do here in the Podcasters community: it’s awesome.