Thoughts on podcast episode lengths…

An updated article from Cridland of PodNews with interesting data about episode lengths. As we know, “as long as it needs to be and no longer” is the best answer — but still, lots of neat bits and bobs in this article:

As I’m preparing to begin recording Podtalk and Movers Mindset, and designing a new show called Open + Curious, I’m going to be adding a little more elbow room… a few more minutes before I wrap up each conversation. And I’m also always continuing to improve getting from the record-button, to the guest-is-talking as quickly as possible without skipping anything important.



@craigconstantine - enjoyed reading that super valuable article. After over a year, Episode 8 of my Podcast is now hanging out in Simplecast, to be published on Sunday 1/22/2023. It’s 9 minutes. The plan is they will all be 9 minutes. For me, editing and rewriting down to 9 minutes squeezes out weeds and filler - up to 9 minutes gives enough time to say something relevant.
I came up with a solution to help make the 9 minutes work :wink: so more on that mysterious adjunct in a future get-together! Thanks again as always for this space.


Good read, @Craig.
“The answer” (which doesn’t really exist in this instance) is apparently “it depends” and THAT approach is full of nuances and factors that a person must decide on.
A fixed length, a fluctuating length, or set window/range, it’s ultimately based on that old reliable SethFilter - who is it for and what is it for? (What change or Impact are you seeking to make?)

Really appreciate the timing of your post. I’ve not released an episode in far too long and as I (hopefully) prepare to work on two languishing conversations in the next few weeks, these reminders about length will be part of my editing process.


Thanks, Craig. As a relative newcomer to podcasting, the date is a helpful reference.

Yes! This is something I’m feeling my way into.

As an aside, it may be sacrilege but when I listen to Tim Ferriss I skip the first 5 minutes of personalized advertising.

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