There aren't as many active podcasts as I thought

This article does a little digging into the numbers of podcasts…

Interesting is: One of their metrics was a count of “published episode in the last 10 days” … I like (not sarcasm) how that figures in a little slippage-room for people trying to publish weekly, but slipping a bit. On the other hand, people like me not on any schedule… their stats mean the Podcaster Community’s show, and probably Movers Mindset too, are both “inactive” podcasts.

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@craigconstantine - you beat me to it! I toggled over here to PC with a link on my clipboard only to find that you shared the story with the group. Cool!

Some of the stories linked from/with the main column add even more nuance and interest. And, there is, in the linked story above, they address “refreshed in the last 30 days,” which is a metric that fits better with my processes.

I am in the same “frequency boat” as, three years in, I have no release/production schedule. But, I do have more than one episode, more than three, and more than ten, and knowing what I have learned about so many fellow podcasters here in PC, I am honored to be rubbing audio shoulders with some of the most prolific and creative thinkers anywhere.

Glad to be here!