Subconscious - with Simon Christopher Pellet

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Thanks so much for having me!

Listeners can find my podcast at or any podcast platform.

Instagram @musiconyourownterms

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I just thought of another way that musicians can leverage podcasting for their music.

Podcasters are always looking for music to use in their shows. Why not reach join podcasting forums and reach out to people looking for music.

You can come up with a usage agreement that is beneficial to both parties, but the best thing is the more you listen to something, the more likely you are to be infected with an earworm. Regular listeners are potentially going to become fans of your music and want to hear more.

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Just noticed you missed the second “t” off my last name (people do it all the time).

If it’s an easy fix, then great, if not then dont worry about it.

oh! sorry, I’ll update that asap… it’ll propagate everywhere.