Something to read - Eric Nuzum on making a hit show

An article that struck me - and I need to do the work of unpacking. Hope it helps you too. It is Eric Nuzum of Make Noise fame so it is a good/challenging/now what do I do, kind of read.

I like:

  • What successful shows have in common: “They all resulted from a person or group of people who were passionate about what they were making, took the effort to find others who would be excited about what they were making, and had the patience to build a healthy ecosystem around it.”

  • Have the commitment and patience to develop something, try/fail, and force yourself to grow. Be tenacious and relentless. Define who the audience is and go to them (as opposed to sitting around and waiting for them to come to you).

  • personality, subject, and moment. This person, talking about this thing, at this moment in time. A personality people want to spend time with, a subject they’re interested in, and coming at exactly the right time when it will resonate. Change any of those and it probably wouldn’t work, or at least work as well.

If you haven’t got time to read the article you at least have a few nuggets to chew on.

Keep making a noise, SteveH

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