👀 Questions & 🎧 ReChoice

:eyes: Questions —

It always occurs to me to go into a podcast conversation with an intention. But I rarely have a guiding question. That’s something I’m going to work on.

“Without a doubt, I believe an interviewer can show up for an interview and dig up a story without a strong central question in mind. I’ve done it before. It’s worked. But by and large, interviews tend to go better when there’s a solid, overarching question to animate a story.” ~ Rob Rosenthal

From, https://transom.org/2023/which-is-the-better-open/ where you can read or listen.

:headphones: ReChoice —

The hardest part of podcasting? Starting. The other hardest part? Stopping.

I want to send a HUGE congratulations to @Joepellerito Congrats on a great episode… Congrats for 133 episodes and 5 seasons…


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