Sit back, or lean in?

As podcast creators, should we sit back and let technology stabilize or lean in to contribute our ideas? That’s not meant to be passive-aggressive; that’s a real question I’m asking.

I just noticed this (thanks to James Cridland’s daily email)…

My first thought was that this is an interesting addition! We’ve all talked about having an “introductory” episode in our feeds… some pod publishing platforms even support marking an episode as an intro. And some listening platforms even support highlighting that episode in a way that listeners might start there.

…so the discussion linked above is the right way to do it. The “podcast namespace” is an open (built by the podcast creators, and platform creators, working together) standard, and this is exactly how new tech features should get defined.

:thinking: Aside, this “open” concept is how the entire Internet works. cf

And then I realized that a lot of people I know (sorry, but here I am actually looking at you Dear Fellow Creator) shy away from trying to lean into the tech stuff under podcasting.

I do understand why you shy away. But think if you lean in a bit, that’s going to have an affect. Your little bit of interest in one article here, a GitHub thread there, a mention to another person, . . . your contribution matters! Even saying (in some way that another person sees/hears it) “this is too complicated” helps. If you leave all the tech stuff to the nerds (I self identify as such, of course) they run off and build too-nerdy things.



I want to cycle back to this one and dig in a bit. Thanks for sharing, @craigconstantine.

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