Ready to Flip that Flop

Hey hey - I didn’t ever do an intro. I’m a multi-arts professional living near the Connecticut shore and I’m gearing up to get a podcast off the ground.

My career in performing arts has hit a wall due to the profound changes in the theater industry. So I’m making a flip-flop into other forms of story-telling and art making.

This has led to a new spark for a podcast venture:
Icarus On Fire is the project exploring olden stories in the modern day.



@kato great to hear

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It was good to see y’all the other day. :v::grin:

The words “My career in _________ hit a wall due to _______ has led to a new . . . [podcast] venture” can serve as inspiring words of possibility for many people. Maybe this concept/truth can be embedded in your trailer (if you create one) or at least in written or audio form somewhere. Others can benefit when they see that Roadblock A is not a CareerEnder.

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