Question about metrics

I have a question about metrics and hoping this is the right place for it.

I have a podcast with about 30 episodes now. I have some episodes that have absurdly high listen rates while my others are much less, 90% or more (see below). Does anyone have an explanation for this? I’m using Podbean for hosting and from what I’ve read, it’s metrics are reliable.


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The 3 you marked all appear to be with-a-guest…

Perhaps your audience prefer guests over your other host-on-mic episodes?

…or perhaps your guests are sharing the episode and that’s drawing more ears?

I’ve been podcasting for almost 4 years. 160 episodes 13,000 downloads. I’m having a blast. I love it when one listener feels like it made a difference and shared that with me. I have a sponsor who cares not at all about downloads. I have the right audience for them. The sponsor pays the bills. Celebrate your accomplishments and don’t sweat the numbers. Unless you must.

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Thanks @craig. About 75% of my episodes are with guests. You’ll see there are 3 other ones with guests below the three high ones that do not have the same number of listens. It just seems really out of place to have three episodes with 90% more listens than other ones which make me question the validity of the numbers because I can’t seem to find the explanation. And these three guests don’t have any audience size aside from their personal circle (they are personal friends of mine) so I know that isn’t an explanation either. Thanks for the input!

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Thanks @DannyvLHealthHats. I’m not concerned about the numbers, but as an analyst by trade, these outliers stand out to me and I’m curious to see if I can find an explanation for them. Great to hear you of the success of your podcast!

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I misunderstood

No worries!

@lisaforreal Still thinking about this. I have one episode that was published 3 years ago which still gets downloaded now about Medical PTSD. My 2 weeks ago episode which was written, audio, and video have more opens than anything ever. I can’t explain my stats.

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It’s a wonder! Metrics in the wild west of podcasting do not give us much info. It’ll be interesting to see how this evolves in a growing medium that more companies want to invest in but are hesitant as they can’t calculate a concrete return on investment.