Posting Podcasts for a School—calling all educators!

Hey, all! Man, I am behind on this platform!

One of our sons teaches Audio-Video courses at our specialty high school in town. He’s hitting a bump in posting a new podcast his class is doing, as all hosting sites seem to be blocked by the district’s filters. Yes, they could just put it on their website, and there’s always YouTube, but just wondered if anyone had a work around on this? Many thanks! @educators!


I wonder if SoundCloud is blocked? :thinking: It’s not super-popular, so perhaps it’s not been blocked… that would at least let them upload and distribute playable URLs to the audio files. They could also just put the MP3 in DropBox, and play them from there.

I guess the question I have is, does it have to be a fully public podcast published in the normal directories, or is it good enough to just get the audio sharable/playable within the class’s students?



Ultimately he should get in touch with the district IT staff as he’s teaching and their system is not fit for purpose.
I used to work in that kind of field and if it is run well they’ll figure out which site to give access to. He should go to them with a specific site he’d prefer right from the start so that they don’t have to do much thinking!
And if they are not well run, use a VPN or non-district device so that he’s outside their restrictions.


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