Playful Chinese

Playful Chinese is a podcast to help non-native-speaking parents and children to experience learning Mandarin Chinese in a simple, entertaining, and engaging style. I have occasional interviews with educators, parents, and learners to share their stories. All the teaching episodes are within 10 minutes.

The weekly release schedule is Thursday. Please consider following the show, listening, and leaving me a review if language learning is also what you are interested in.

My goal is to help listeners to feel confident speaking Mandarin, realize that Mandarin is not one of the most difficult languages in the world, and explore the Chinese culture.


June 2, 2022

Happy June! PLAYFUL CHINESE Podcast update.

I was off the track with the production for a while then back in 2021. In December 2021 I decided that I need to pick it up again and build consistency.

30-day challenge

So I podcasted daily for 30 days. It was very challenging for the first 10 days then things got easier. It was a good experience.

  • My episodes are mostly under 10 minutes. They are teaching episodes.
  • It is a host-on-mac format.
  • I started a document to plan the topics ahead of time. I also saw the pattern of the content I was building. Then a template was born. This template made everything simpler and less overwhelming.

Weekly posting

After the 30-day challenge, I resumed the weekly posting schedule in 2022.

**Numbers **

As of June 2, 2022

I have released a total of 90 episodes.
Teaching episodes: 86
Interview episodes: 4

All-time downloads: 33, 453
Unique Listeners Last 7 days: 202

What’s next

My goal is to produce and release 104 teaching episodes at the end of August. I have 18 episodes to go.

Why 104 episodes?
That means a listener can listen to 2 episodes a week for a whole year!

After 104 episodes of the teaching episodes, I will take a break from the teaching episodes and share interview episodes.

A New season for Intervew episodes

I am very delayed with the editing of the interviews that I did over time. So, this is a way to clear my interview “inventory.”

There will be resistance. I know since I saw it before and it will show up again.

So the idea is that I must release all the interviews I have on hand before I can move on to produce new teaching episodes.

How should I release these interviews?
Should I release these long-form interview episodes on the weekend or on weekdays? I am still wondering.

I am currently using Simplecast.
If I start a new podcast I am going to be charged double.
Are there better options?

Interview Recording
I am currently using Zoom.
What’s your recommendation?

Not yet.

Podcast Ratings and Reviews
Gradually growing.

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