Part of my field recording setup

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Here’s an overview of the basic parts of my current field recording kit in an 8-minute video. If there are more questions, or specific, “but, why?” to answer, I can explain farther. :laughing:


what a great idea…something I would like to put in my near future To Do list…AFTER…I do my current list.

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@Craig Looking forward to watching. Do you sing in the production?

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@craig - just now viewing this. Very clear and understandable. Thanks so much!

Why is the first headphone jack X’d out?

I assume that the pad is part of your ToGo bag as well?

Have you ever recorded by simply holding the Zoom in hand and moving the unit toward the person speaking (I think there is a built-in mic on the Zoom), so that you could have an on-the-fly, as you walk/tour/watch kind of conversation or interview? If so, how do you adjust for ambient sounds/background noise? Is there only one built-in speaker input? Curious, as I am hoping to branch out to some on-location podcasting in 2022.

If I need to post these Q’s elsewhere, just let me know. I realize that as I dig into and out of my PC catchup reading and posting, that this post, the one I am responding to now, is nearly two months old, so I might come across answers later. So, feel free to point me in the direction of already-answered-that material as well.


There’s something wrong with it. Sometimes it needs to be jiggled when you are listening through that jack. We normally only use 1, or 2 of these… so we know to skip that one.

What pad? …do you mean the blue table-cloth on the table?

Sort of. I’ve used it to record— propped it up on a table and pointed it at people. I’ve also used it walking around, but those recordings didn’t work out; the idea that they were an experiment for was a dud. But listening to them… they sound great, yes. Background/ambient noise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’m not an audio editing guy. My thinking is that if I was getting something that way, then it’s the only way to get it… and ambient would be what I want in there.

Zoom also makes a tight-beam shotgun mic, and a 6’ cord that plugs into the head-end of the recorder. So you can hold the recorder in one hand and point a very narrow sensitivity mic at the sound source.

Keep doing, in the big picture, exactly what you are doing. :smiley:

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@craog - all clear. Thanks.

Yes, the cloth on the table. I assumed that maybe your kit included a folded or rolled pad or thick cloth to dampen sound and vibration. Hoping to make this ToGo bag “a thing” at some point, so if I am unsure the questions will be forthcoming…

Thanks again!

I’m not sure where the “togo bag” idea came from in this thread…

This is just me showing particular parts of my setup. (Not shown, how any of it is packed, for example.)