I'll show you mine if you show me yours?

What does your ‘recording studio’ look like? Please take a photo and share it here.

I moved house a few months ago and it works for us in every single way except for podcasting.

There are no rooms apart from bedrooms and bathrooms that have a door so minimal privacy for recording. I have a laptop, a built in camera and a ATR2100x microphone. And all this kit is based on a foldaway camping table in the corner of the dining room that is open plan attached to the kitchen - my wife even takes the kettle out into the hall to boil it when I’m recording. Bless her.

I don’t know how to setup the triangle to make it work efficiently. Mic, camera and screen.

I’d love to see your setup please? How do you solve these issues? How could I solve these issues?

This is my setup. I have a pretty crappy pillow fort going on. Should i have more? What else could I do? What else should I do?

Should this post be in ‘help’? Why do topics in here close automatically after 5 days? Should I have posted in public instead? Erm…

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Topics in #help close after a short window — mostly so that people don’t resurrect an old help topic by replying much later. Other places, like #public (where I’ve moved this) don’t auto-close.

Mine gets a little out of control sometimes…