Open + Curious

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What is Open + Curious

I want to show you how to go from simply having conversations, to actively creating better conversations.

Open + Curious

We talk with others every day, but how often do we intentionally practice the art of conversation?

Here you will discover what “better” means for your conversations.

I promise to illuminate the art of conversation without overwhelming you with information.

I promise to encourage you to reflect, so you can learn what works for you.

I promise to remain open-minded, to listen to your ideas and your challenges, and to let curiosity be our guide.

This is host-on-mic

In the Open + Curious project, I’m sharing my thoughts on how to create great conversation. I hope my thoughts spark your thinking and lead us to further discussion. The project is—at least to start—about writing and engaging in discussion.

Currently the podcast will contain the voice-over recordings of each written article.

Who am I?

My mission is creating better conversation to spread understanding and compassion. You can learn more about me at