OFFSITE PODCASTING (none remote interview)

How do you carry your gears like uniformly? lol
easiest and safest way? I have 2 upcoming episode (band setting and wedding)
i feel like photoshoot days hauling gears is a pain… lol


There’s so much to share around this idea… :slight_smile:

First, here’s what I call my initial evolution of portable gear. What I carry today is similar, but significantly different.

This is a much more recent pack out before a long road trip with multiple field recordings. For this packing, size weight was no object as I was traveling by car…

I’m getting ready to fly in September to do field recordings at an event and I’ll end up doing a mix of those two. A smaller carry on of the more fragile gear, and a piece of check luggage with cables, mic stands and [probably] a collapsing camp table.


its a bit of alot. lol

That’s not too crazy… maybe you just need one of those lightweight, handtrucks to make a stack, bungee cord it on… roll around?

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i should have refine workflow next time =)