Microphones, microphones - Delphina

This weekend I attended a virtual event (spoken word and music) and there were several performers who used this mic:

Needless to say, in my ‘dream equipment’ list, this now contends for the number 1 spot with the Rode Rodecaster Panel.

May the equipment fairy visit me soon! :fairy:


What were you noticing about it that struck you?

Were they singing or playing instruments or simply speaking with it?

It looks cool and seems to be built for acoustic performance.

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General info (not directly reply to Kato’s Q) is that this mic is a large diameter condensor (old word for “capaciter”). They’re a class, or design if you will, that have a certain sound, because reasons:

Tangentially, I recently saw Primus in concert, and my ears perked up when I heard his mics… he had a magnificent sounding LDCM mounted next to what sounds more like an SM58… and when he shifted to the LDCM… oh right, that’s what Primus vocals sound like :wink:

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It sounds awesome, it looks old-school and also a bit steampunk, and it’s unusual.

There was some speaking between musical numbers, and different performers used different microphones and it was easy to tell the difference.

@craig The explanation video in that link is great! Craig the Explainer wins again!


I found this entertaining and hope you enjoy it… (it loosely relates to microphones :wink: )

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