Looking for Pod Collaborators!

Hi all. :wave: I disappeared from here back in the fall. Mostly because I began working on a project that means a great deal, it’s a project tied to the climate emergency.

We are building the Carbon Almanac Podcast Network, and producing 4 different pods related to the publication of the Carbon Almanac.

You’ll see some familiar faces on the team. @leekei and @taniamarien and I are working closely together. Seth, of course, and @thearena.

We are looking for some collaborators, particularly those with editing experience to do first-round Descript edits and help us assemble the episodes. I wanted to post here in hopes that there were new podcasters that have finished up POD that might want the real-world experience of launching podcasts with a team. It’s a great opportunity for that, the podcasts will have marketing support by Seth and co. and its a wonderful way to make an impact if climate, systematic change is important to you.

If you would like to learn more, please be in touch, we’d be grateful for your contribution.

Also… Hi Everyone! @craig if I dropped this in the wrong category, please LMK.


Do you know Ryan Flahive?

Not personally, he’s in the group but has not expressed interest in podcasts. Ryan if you are willing to help us with editing please join us!

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…he’s not here in PodComm :slight_smile: I recently did a PodComm episode with him and [as you’ve confirmed by pointing out he’s in the group] thought the project was up his alley.


@jennifermyerschua i will post similar in POD 10


Hi @jennifermyerschua
I don’t use Descript but happy to help if I can.


Thank you Rob!! I’ll be in touch if we need you. I’d love the chance to collaborate!


Wow, a bunch of things going on there’s a bunch of things I’ve learned over the course of the process of creating these pieces of work so people can understand the lifestyles so we can all create a community forum so people can create proper channels so people can speak about their lives and help once another to become better humans beings. I think it’s great that people also use these forums as forms of therapy because speaking about the world and remembering we are 1 in 8.7 billion all creating our lives to overcome challenges with one another it always important to engage and enable the better things about ourselves.

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