Hello! I'm Anette

I’m Anette, of the Anette on Education podcast, and my weekly episode will be my 90th! I was part of The Podcasting Fellowship #4, and learned so much and made so many podcaster friends! Whenever I have a question, I know the podcasting community will be there for me, so looking forward to this new forum as well! Thanks, @Craig! I live in Texas, and after 25 years of elected public service (so far, six more to go now!), my many overlapping hats include K12 public ed, community colleges, governance, policy, nonprofit work around education and alleviating poverty, work at the local, state, and national levels, and legislative advocacy as well. Lots of complicated interlocking pieces, which I try to help listeners understand by interviewing experts and long-time friends who work in these fields. My tagline under “Anette on Education” is “and maybe a few other things,” so you will hear me and my guests discuss all sorts of topics!


Great topic, @AnetteCarlisle. I want to listen.

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Thanks, @AdamGreenberg!

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@AnetteCarlisle …interesting stuff, I have been a Community College instructor, a substitute teacher, a foster parent and a homeschool mom…so education has been a big part of my life…looking forward to connecting.