Heavy Hitter Sports: Pre-The Legend Lives On

Let me know what you think of my latest episode on the enduring legacy of Steve Prefontaine. :grinning:



I don’t like sports… but I just listened to the entire episode because it was interesting :slight_smile:

Terrific job breaking apart that guest’s content and blending it with your episode’s story-arc. Music-bumpers, transitions, voice tracking… it’s all top-shelf.

In the first third (or so) I felt your voice/presense felt flat. Somewhere around the middle, you warmed up or lit up. In the first third I was giving you the benefit of the doubt (“I’ll keep listening…”) but in the middle and onward I was all-in. (Not sure how you turn that into actionable, but there it is.)

You also have a nice nack for cadence and phrasing that kept me listening; I didn’t find I was zoning-out as you were talking.

Your personal emotion came through great in the sober parts (later half). I wish you had laughed a little or been more light-hearted in the first half.

That’s all I got :slight_smile:


Craig, truly appreciate the feedback. I will keep the voice tone comments in mind when I listen to the episode again. Good comments re laughing more. I find it much easier to bring that spirit into play during lives interviews. Thanks for the other kinds comments.


Mark, how come you’re not Hoagie anymore?
Just wondering… :thinking:

That’s just how I signed up. But I would love to switch back to ‘Hoagie’ if Craig can share guidance on how to reverse course. :grinning:


@craig , is it possible for @Hoagie aka Hoagie to change his username? I went into Settings and didn’t see an option for that. Welcome any direction you can provide–thanks!

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