👀 Discipline & 🎧 Delight

:eyes: Totally unrelated to podcasting, I was recently talking with someone about discipline. I have a note stuck to my monitor (the only note stuck to my monitor) which reads…

There are NO

there is only

…and I think about that a lot. How inspiration may get me to take the first (and second or even third) step on a new path, but inspiration always fades. The only way I can continue on a path is by applying discipline.

:headphones: This episode of 3 clips is about a podcast called Curiosity Daily and it covers a bunch of ideas; daily episodes, delighting listeners, reading scripts, structure, having a premise, curiosity and more.

What have you seen or heard recently?



Recovery work has taught me that there are miracles, but they don’t come without work/discipline.
Or to put it another way: I can ask God to remove from me the character defect of gluttony, but nothing will change while I’m face first in a bag of potato chips. :grin:

You know, yoga means discipline. While we in the West think it is one particular discipline, it can be anything. I’m going to think about podcasting as Ear-Yoga from now on, thanks to you @craigconstantine :slight_smile:

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