Adding custom domain to Podpage

Hi, Amazing Podcast Cohort!

I am curious to know if you have any insight about adding a custom domain to Podpage. My podcast, Playful Chinese now have a website on podpage but I am not sure how to add a custom domain ( to it.

  • Have you done this with Podpage?

  • Do you have any recommendations about a podcast website?

I just released 81st episode and I am now on a consistent weekly release schedule.

My goals:

  1. Reach the 1st 100 episodes in July.
  2. Engage listeners with a tool that they can share questions with me via a voice app on the website.

Podpage has this function. However, the pricing for this level is USD$180 for a year. I am curious to know if it a good investment. Since I am not generating any income from my podcast I am conservative with my spending.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a website for your podcast other than the one from the hosting platform?

Thank you in advance for your insights.


I have a website hosted on Dreamhost. (Really inexpensive) I then installed WordPress (they will help you) and built on that. You can use free existing themes with wordpress or purchase one from a variety of places, but it makes it pretty easy to update yourself and flexible.


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Hi Amanda,
I have my personal domain connected to podpage. Just send them a text message, and they will have you connected in no time at all. Very responsive crew.


Thank you, @jennifermyerschua. I will look into it. It sounds much more economical with Dreamhost.

No worries, Danny. :slight_smile:

Thank you, @brucedevereux! It’s great to know. I will contact them. Many thanks!

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Great question @AmandaB - It probably is as you’ve already hinted the answer is more about value than price.

The real saving is your time. Do you have time to learn how to host a website? Keep it up to date and secure? Maintain a WordPress site (or similar) and again keep WordPress and plugins up to date and secure? Run and maintain backups? It goes on and of course this is manageable and well within your capability. But is it within your current capacity?

You have clear goals that Pod page supplies without extra hassle, so I’m guessing it’s worth every penny at this stage in your journey.

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Bluehost is also very inexpensive (I believe $3/month with Wordpress).

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Thank you, Jey. I"ve used podpage to give it a home for now. Thanks for raising all the questions to help me with the process.

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Thank you, Jensen! I have a bluehost website. Thanks for the reminder.

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