👀 Actual-play & 🎧 Responsibility

:eyes: Actual-play —

Suddenly, I’m bumping into “actual play” podcasts. I’m not their audience… I may even be allergic to them. However, this article made me stop and put another toe in…

The wonderful world of [table-top role playing games] (and by extension, actual play podcasts) is one of a staggering amount of diversity. From one page [role playing games] fit for any setting to massive setting-specific tomes with rulings for every possible edge case, there are bound to be games fit for exactly the story you want to tell and play-style your table prefers.

From, 5 Games for Your Next Actual Play Podcast (and 5 APs for Your Next Listen)

:headphones: Responsibility —

I agree: It’s always the host’s fault. Always. Jay Clouse is worth hearing here…

It’s a hard truth about interview shows: if the guest doesn’t deliver, it’s not their fault. Instead, it’s the host’s responsibility to walk away with an insightful, informative, and engaging recording. In this episode, 3 Clips host Jay Acunzo talks with Jay Clouse, a podcaster who does an exemplary job of setting his guests up for success; by drawing on research, past experience, voice over, and a little bit of sound design.