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I went to Spain in 2019 and hiked the Camino de Santiago. SInce I’m a person with disabilities, wheelchair, and crutch canes, with help from @DavidB, I turned it into a Pilgrimage of Sound (Camino de Santiago. Pilgrimage of sounds. | Danny van Leeuwen Health Hats) and (Days 6-12 Camino de Santiago. Rejuvenated, inspired, not yet peaked | Danny van Leeuwen Health Hats).

We’re preparing to take the Portugal Camino in April. Again a Pilgrimage of Sound for me. Would any of you be interested in a monthly or every other week self-learning about sound design for our podcasts? I know enough to be dangerous, but I’m sure some of you know different things than me. What say you?


Yeah, I’m in! Great idea, Danny. -Dave

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I am a huge fan of the camino experience( have one more leg to do on teh camino de Santiago) and plan to do more but not so knowledgable about sound. Not sure how I could help you, but I support you 100% on this sound adventure and would love to be a part of this sound journey investigation. But you may not need someone like me. just let me know

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I might do something similar with sound and interview as I complete the last leg this summer…so motivated to learn more

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@DavidB @clevpt
I cross-posted on EthosFL and I’m going to bring it up on the monthly call Sunday with Steve H. Here’s a bit of fleshing out my thoughts.
Sound design is the art and practice of creating sound tracks for a variety of needs. It involves specifying, acquiring or creating auditory elements using audio production techniques and tools. Sound design commonly involves performing (see e.g. foley) and editing of previously composed or recorded audio, such as sound effects and dialogue for the purposes of the medium, but it can also involve creating sounds from scratch through synthesizers. A sound designer is one who practices sound design.

Using music, live ambient sounds, mimicking everyday sounds, to tell a story or enhance a story
Silence is a sound.

Perhaps we could share clips of our and other podcasts to listen to sound design to start. Here are some sound design podcasts

@kristo Curtis Cates is the most prolific sound designer I know personally from Akimbo The Hansel and Gretel Code


Interested Danny.

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Got it. Thanks. I’ll schedule something this week

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Here’s a link to a Doodle poll to schedule a one-time meeting to scope out interest and methods Doodle. Share at will. Complete by Friday midnight.

@DavidB @clevpt and @DannyvLHealthHats met today. @AnnieP @Bryon_Howard here’s a link to the video of the call. Dropbox - video1142120340.mp4 - Simplify your life. We’re thinking of monthly calls. Tentatively second Tuesday of the month 9 am eastern. March 8th. Bring a one to five-minute audio clip of a sound experiment.


for what purpose? Are we going to critique and give feedback? Have a pool of like-minded audiophiles to show our experiments too?

I am intrigued, I am leery of committing to one more thing right now. I will make time to watch the video.
Thanks, AnnieP

No pressure. Join or don’t.

Thank you Danny. I’ll try to take time to listen to the call.