Seeking a specific player feature

Anyone aware of an iOS podcast player that has as a feature “here are all of the episodes of everything that you have downloaded”?

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see my reply at bottom—I misunderstood what you were asking

Overcast does that. In “my account” (I use the for-pay version, not the freebee, so ymmv) I have export options for my current subscribed shows… but also an export for all of my data.

…which exports into a data file that is, well, very technical to do anything with. But it lists all the shows, and then the episodes of each which I’ve listened to:

I also believe Pocketcasts does what you are looking for that way. If click on your profile, then it lists “Files”, “Downloads”, “Stats”, and Listening History. Files are files you may have downloaded from somewhere else, say, from your computer, or some recording device that you want to listen to on the go. Downloads would have what you are looking for. It lists them in the order you downloaded them in time.

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@craig, that doesn’t seem like it would help if I’m on the road and just want to pick something to listen to (unless I’m understanding you incorrectly), but it also looks like a fun way to geek out.

@jank in the player itself? I’ll check it out.

Thank you to both for taking the time!

oh, I misunderstood you. This is such an obvious feature, it never occurred that some players might not have it.

Yes, Overcast does this…

It has a section listing all the shows for which you have unplayed episodes. (whether that means they are downloaded or set to stream-when-played) So these are the shows you subscribe to and want every episodes, or specific episodes you’ve chosen to “oh! I want to hear that one” add one by one.

It also has lists. By default every episode is in the “All episodes” list. Whcih you can scroll through in chrono order (of episode publication date)… You can also manually sort a list. You can make as many lists as you want, you can put a show into a list and all that show’s episodes will appear in that list… (“my faves list…” another list for “I should catch up on…” etc)

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Yes, in the player itself. At the bottom of the main screen there are 4 pictures. The far right one is the profile. Click on profile. Then you can scroll down to Downloads, which is the second one down on my phone. Click on that. Then you should see a whole list of the ones you have downloaded. Good luck, Heat. (With a perfectly normal last name that maybe others can’t pronounce because they just haven’t seen it before. :wink: ) <3

And they are just the specific downloads. In apple podcasts, for example, if you go to downloads, it has the different podcasts to which you are subscribed (a little picture). If you click on that, then it takes you to the podcasts for that podcast. Very cumbersome.

In Pocketcast, it is literally a list of what you have downloaded in date order of when you downloaded it. Whether or not you are subscribed to the whole podcast. This gives me an opportunity to not have to carry around every episode downloaded to my phone, but just the ones I want to hear. And I can try a podcast by listening to just one episode before I decide I may want to hear more from that person.

I like it. It’s partly why I switched off of Apple. They made the process very cumbersome.

It’s in Overcast.
On the main screen.
In a box that I had never considered was tappable.

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