Podcast awards


I saw this on LinkedIn and I am thinking about the podcasts here that can join. What are other podcast awards out there?

** Podcast Categories

  • Best Branded Podcast
    Presented by Riverside.fm

  • Best Business Podcast
    Presented by Captivate

  • Best Tech Podcast
    Presented by Podbean

  • Best Finance Podcast

  • Best Comedy Podcast
    Presented by She Podcasts

  • Best Society & Culture Podcast
    Presented by Podchaser

  • Best Health Podcast

  • Best Politics & News Podcast**


@DannyvLHealthHats for the Health category.


@AmandaB Thanks for this great info!

Hadn’t heard of this until you mentioned it, @AmandaB ! Go you!

Hmm, as for foreign language podcasts, I think we might get ‘automatically sidelined’ by society & culture podcasts. Shall we rally for our own category? :wink:

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Thank you am a bit behind with emails. Will look into this. :+1::balloon::balloon::chocolate_bar:

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The Webbys, but the deadline just passed:

I think this can be a good discussion for all the podcasters here.

I agree.

Here is a possibility. We can create our own Global Connect award for World Language and Multiculture!

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Thanks for sharing, I just signed up and nominated myself!! Cannot hurt

We’ll see and celebrate more!!

Happy weekend, Susanne

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OOOooooooo what a fun idea!

Here is where we can start the conversation. :slight_smile: