Opportunities - with Heat Dziczek

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OK, @craig so I talked to you yesterday, I listened to it this morning with Rocket Kid (“Mom, you talk really fast sometimes but otherwise, this was really good”) and upon returning from school drop-off, I sketched out a page of the new map of Ordinary Chaos. Some details still to work out, but a new look will be coming in 2022. May start a thread with noodling some details I haven’t worked out yet.

Really, the answer is “do what you want because it’s your podcast” and I know that already, but I’m not sure what I want, and the easiest way to know is to ask people for their opinions then tell them why they’re wrong :joy: or see that they’re brilliant because they thought of something I didn’t :partying_face:



I like this “filter,” @Heat. Another option for getting clear about the Who and the What.

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It’s like flipping a coin to decide between two options. Once it’s in the air, you know which option you want.