— Intuition and art appreciation

A while back, I had a terrifically interesting conversation with Curtis Cates. I went into that conversation knowing literally nothing about Cates. And twenty, super-interesting minutes later, I decided to title that short conversation, Intuition. After speaking with Curtis, I added his podcasts to my queue.

It was a while before I started listening, but his episodes are off-the-charts [in a great way, I mean.] It’s a pretty limited series, and it’s been over a year since we’ve seen an episode. I’ve been listening and thinking, and having so many ideas around art appreciation— heck, I’ve begun thinking regularly about visiting museums again. (I’m within driving distance of NYC, Philadelphia and even Baltimore and DC… so there’s a bevy to choose from, in addition to my local towns’ various offerings.)

So, if you dig the show, share it.



PS: @kristo, please Sir, can we have some more? :wink:


@kristo’s podcasts are first-rate.
Don’t miss the Hansel and Gretel series!