EXCLUSIVE: $100K podcast fund launches for upstart shows

This was the headline in today’s Hot Pod newsletter. I can’t grab the article off the Hot Pod site (sorry! I don’t think it’s posted yet).

Here’s the opening of the article and the link:

Starting today, budding US-based podcasters can apply to receive money from a new podcast sponsorship fund, which can be used for any purpose, from paying contributors to buying recording equipment. The fund, called [Podca$h], will deliver one-time payments between $250 and $5,000 to up to 100 recipients. Eligible applicants include people who’ve never podcasted before, as well as those who’ve received less than $10,000 in total funding or sponsorships for an existing project. Applications are open until March 4th, 2022.

Podca$h was conceived to help more creators make well-known, well-paying podcasts. …

More here at PodCa$h: https://www.podcash.com/

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