👀 Compounding & 🎧 "Hostiness"

:eyes: Compounding —

I’m often tempted to imagine that I have one very special skill (stop laughing at me). But the real magic is always going to come from combinations of traits.

Same with people. It’s tempting to want to find the one big skill that will set you apart. But most incredible things come from compounding, and compounding isn’t intuitive because the incremental inputs are never exciting on their own. ~ Morgan Housel

:headphones: “Hostiness” —

Are you a podcast host? (I am.)

The guest in this podcast episode is John Barth. He’s not a podcast host (or host of anything). Rather, he’s the guy beyond an enormous number of people who are hosts. This whole thing is about “hostiness”.

I felt this started slow, but it really worked its hooks into me about midway. (44min overall.)

[“Hostiness” is] that compelling nature that if you saw them live on stage you’ never want the show to end. ~ John Barth

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