Become a Better Listener (and Communicator)

Hark Audio, a player with a difference, curates lists of clips which can help you find new podcasts or just provide a short treat.

Worth a look and a listen - you can even create your own lists.

Here is a sample with the intriguing title of Become a Better Listener (and Communicator)

It is worth investing 15 mins and you may want to explore the full episodes as a result.

Let us know which you liked the most - mine was the OnBeing clip with Acoustic Ecologist, Gordon Hempton


Woa. That’s really cool— thanks for sharing!

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Super cool. I’m going to check it out
Thank you

Thanks, @steveh. This was interesting. I listened to two HarkLists and on one of them, I was intrigued enough by one clip to listen to the whole episode. It was a podcast I’d heard of but never subscribed to or sampled.

It looks like one can subscribe to podcasts inside the Hark app, but I didn’t see a way to import, say, your RSS feed. On my phone I can import from Spotify or browse and subscribe one by one.

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Your podcast is already there Christi

In the phone app search it just popped up as first result