Write how-to help for subscribing to our calendar…

Over in Podcaster Community calendar there’s a URL that people can copy-n-paste into their favorite calendar software to subscribe to this community’s calendar…

Unfortunately, it’s complicated.

I was thinking it would be nice to have links to instructions—we can’t hope to maintain actual instructions, but I was thinking we could have an icon and then a link to Microsoft’s Outlook docs on subscribing, icon and link to Google’s docs, Apple, etc.

At least then there’s a chance that people could figure it out.




Like it or not, many of us have come to accept (and some just naturally groove with) the reality that life is complicated - so we pick through it selecting the challenges we choose to deal with. All over the place, we are directed back to the knowledge base, to seeking out the instructions and answers before allowed to tap into the precious time of those trying to provide customer service when they can never be enough. BONUS: It has a cumulative effect, we can get better at it.

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Think that sound good it’s something that can be accessed at any time so it’s cool to have it on multiple streams so the connection becomes a conversation around movement and how these things are interconnect with life as we navigate it’s jam session really,

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Rashaad Gomez

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Agreed. I think that’s the way to do it and nothing wrong with it at all. Lots of email services do the same thing and refer users to 3rd party instructions on setting up the various email clients.