Worth a Listen: Cal Newport and Tim Ferriss

The first half-hour (skip the 3 minutes of ads upfront) is a discussion of the future of podcasts as Cal Newport sees it. Lots of “technoselection” - I think that’s what he calls it – convo. Second half-hour is about “slow productivity.” Sorry for the long link.


oooooooh, I hesitated when I saw that episode, but decided not to listen to it — but, now I’ll definitely dip into at least the first part. Thanks for giving some “why?” for the episode.


Thanks for sharing, @ChristiCassidy

The thing that hit me is Ferriss’s observation that, in his experience, short-form content harvested from the main show, like clips, rarely translates to increased consumption of the original long-form content.

It’s such a time suck to chop up content, and it seems Ferriss is saying it’s not worth doing if your goal is to drive folks to your main show.