What makes your podcast stand out?

Pretend you are a successful podcast host. You are being interviewed by Oprah and she asks “What makes your podcast stand out?”. If you answered right away your show probably stands out already. If you had to think or had no response then you may want to work on it.

~ Dane Andrews from, https://medium.com/@holsappleandrew/how-i-changed-my-podcast-format-to-stand-out-58f21cc91509

That’s a short article that’s worth a click and a minute to read.

…combining that idea with: In yesterday’s @ideaclub meeting we were discussing what might be each of our super-powers (something we’re born with, and can’t really control, ie not a skill)

I think my super-power is limitless curiosity, and that’s what makes my podcasts stand out.

Yes? No? thoughts @supporters … what makes your podcast standout?

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Thank you for sharing the link! It’s such great advice. Podcasts are used for so many things. I saw that there are even Internal Podcast for Enterprises via Podbean. Or some use it for sharing their thoughts and expressing themselves. But either way, it’s still important to make your podcast stand out from others.

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