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00:00.00 podcomm Hello I’m Craig constantine.

00:01.14 Stacey Hi there I’m stacey Cordovano I’m the host of the whole Veterinarian podcast.

00:05.41 podcomm Oh I Love it. Thank you for putting everything in there. Um I am the laziest person in the world people would say I am frenetic which maybe also be true. But I only do what I absolutely have to I skip as much of everything as I can and that means I skip Intros and Outros and show notes and all that stuff.

00:22.51 Stacey That might be considered efficient from some people.

00:24.87 podcomm Um, I’m sorry did you say deficient. Um, what I’m what I’m thinking is ah I’ve been hounding you for a while. So thanks for showing up not that I like how long have I’ve been hounding you Um, but um I always want to say to people out there if you’re listening.

00:36.78 Stacey Yeah, thanks for hounding me.

00:44.60 podcomm And you’re squeamish about doing outreach do your outreach I have never I’ve had people ghost me so there’s some negative feedback there but nobody ever says dude stop bothering me what I get all the time is oh dude. Thank you for because I forgot or thank you for reminding me or. I’m notorious for people will say well like get back to me next month and like 30 days later because I have a process. You’ll get a message from me that just says bump like that’s you know and that’s all it is.

01:08.26 Stacey Yeah, no, it’s awesome I think I need more systems like that in my life I have 2 little kids I have multiple businesses and the bumps are definitely appreciated for sure.

01:18.52 podcomm Yeah, um, so you’re very welcome but to people out there. Do it do it I do it I actually I do 3 the 3 people get sorry touched every weekday morning I will touch 3 people for the podcaster community show and I will touch 3 people for another show.

01:23.16 Stacey This is.

01:37.70 podcomm And then I will do at least 3 people in 1 of the communities just to check in with Members. It’s like nine people get touched every day and it doesn’t take me very long. Um, but the way that I do it is just with a spreadsheet and I open it up and I’m like oh stacey right. Haven’t wi what you know and and I’m like um yeah was that in and I think we’ll find fast and forward like I think’ll find the medium and then I look it up and it’s like all right, she asked me oh and it’s a month hey and what usually happens is the second or the third time of the fourth number the fifth time some people will just be like I say hey and then they’re like they show up in the calendar like a minute later. Um, and that’s.

02:06.22 Stacey This this is.

02:10.32 podcomm I Really think you know you and are talking beforehand about about like how much process there is to podcasting and that to me has been like okay this is a lot relatively speaking a lot of work to to touch all these people and do all the contacts but it’s work that I can do and I can just kind of like turn that that spinning wheel. You know every day and if I do that.

02:15.53 Stacey Ah.

02:30.12 podcomm Relatively easy work for me, but that makes the whole thing possible. Um, which kind of astonishingly leads me to what we were supposed to be talking about which is opportunities and I’m I’m wondering when I asked you podcasts you know and the first thing you said was opportunities and then you. Like went into a litany of all these I think if people are podcasters. Maybe they are expecting the kinds of things you would say but for people who aren’t podcasters. There’s all these things that come up. Um, and I’m wondering if the the magic of those opportunities or the or the magic that creates those opportunities. You think it comes from there’s something about podcasting. There’s something about audio or there’s just something about like being kicked. You know, like podcasting made you just do something and then that created the opportunities like any thoughts have you put any thought into that.

03:20.25 Stacey I think that new opportunities honestly come from connection new connections. Um deeper connections I think at least for me that’s where all of my opportunities. After podcasting have come from so podcasting has been sort of a step in the door of meeting new people or new companies or working with different connections but it wasn’t Until. We actually sat down and chatted and got to know each other and maybe communicated a little bit afterwards. Actually I have to also thank social media for that connection to probably 1 of the few things you can thank social media for but um.

04:06.54 podcomm Um, was like Wow you just.

04:10.66 Stacey I have to say like the veterinary community on Instagram is pretty tight knit and pretty positive. So I’ve made connections because of the podcasts but a lot of them come from finding people on Instagram or deepening my connection with them through Instagram which is weird but nice and so. When I think of the new opportunities I’ve had in the past year and a half that I’ve had a podcast. They are all really come from connection with new contacts.

04:39.88 podcomm Um, nice. Um I’m not I’m just let me just make sure the soapbox hasn’t appeared sometimes I find myself on a soapbox. It’s not there. So I’m not going anywhere near social media I Do agree with you sometimes. Communities of people use the tools to get awesome things done so that I think the magic there comes from as you said the veterinarians who are using it as a tool Um, every once in a while I have a great question but then I was listening and I forgot what I wanted to ask.

04:55.65 Stacey Um, yes.

05:13.79 podcomm Such a wonderful problem to have I have too many cool people to talk to my brain overflows. Do you let me just see I’ll just take a second see if I can find the question again it was. It was really good I swear I’ve lost it. Oh well. Do you find that? Okay I don’t I don’t know much about veterinarians. Um random tidbit about Craig I have a really good friend like from Fourth grade whose mother owned a horse farm a horse ranch farm a horse ranch and like every day in the summer I would bike forty five minutes on my pedal bicycle to his farm his mom’s farm and then if the 2 of us did you know like mow the flick you know it’s an entire boarding and so that’s the only experience I have of veetsinarians is occasionally 1 of the vets would come. You know if they had an issue with a horse or something. Um, and they always just struck me I think I met 2 or 3 that way. They always struck me as really thoughtful and I’ve always wondered if it’s thoughtful people are drawn to being veterinarians or if you weren’t thoughtful because your patients don’t talk to you you wind up being thoughtful and.

06:22.95 Stacey Ah.

06:27.42 podcomm That idea like swirled to the top. Well for obvious reasons. But also because there’s something about podcasting that oh I remember their question… There’s something about podcasting that draws people in and I think it has to do partly with audio probably with it’s an unusual experience probably with… It’s extremely Intimate. Um. And there’s this… There’s ah I don’t know if you know Hum Mcloud is I don’ know, maybe’s a cartoonist um and he talks about something called social objects which is people don’t actually get together and talk normally unless you have a relationship with a person something because it’s like you’re talking to somebody randomly. It’s because.

06:50.10 Stacey And.

07:06.26 podcomm I Bought a corn muffin and you’re like corn muffins and we’re talking about the thing that we have between us they call it the social object. Um, and when you were talking about your podcast opportunities. You’re kind of like talking about the podcast being this social object which you know here’s this really odd thing that people weren’t expecting stacey has a podcast.

07:08.80 Stacey M.

07:21.27 Stacey Ah.

07:23.24 podcomm And this led them to then have a conversation and we’re quickly not talking about that. Um, so I’m the tories for rambling I’ll give you a 2 for your choice. Do you want to go with the social object podcasts our social objects that leads you to interesting conversation. Do you want to like run with that or do you want to talk more about cerebralness and introspection. As it pertains to Veterinarian veterinarians.

07:43.89 Stacey Yeah I’ll I’ll touch on the Veterinarian sort of stereotype or prototype I think that it’s interesting that you mention an equine Horse farm because I’m an equine veterinarian but there’s not that many of us. So normally people think of small animal veterinarians.

07:58.32 podcomm I would I would drop the name because but I don’t want to drop the name you probably we may have met like well no, that wouldn’t work because you’ve got to be the same age as me which means you’d been in high school never mind. It doesn’t work. You can’t have been. That’s what I mean.

08:03.68 Stacey Problem. Yeah, perfect. I Probably know who the vets were. But anyway, um, yeah, there’s not that many of us Equine vets. But I think for veterinarians in general we are very caregiving and selfless by nature and it’s part of why my podcast exists. Because we don’t take care of ourselves very well. We focus on the caregiving for the animal and for the owner and we tend to put ourselves last so my podcast focuses on well-being and personal development rather than just the professional. You know, learning all the diseases and things like that. But.

08:27.51 podcomm Um.

08:45.50 Stacey I Think it’s interesting the connection between podcasting and sort of being generous and thoughtful because I do think that is pretty much a requirement for all veterinarians like you said they don’t talk so we have to be.

09:04.10 podcomm The patients The patients don’t talk.

09:04.46 Stacey Aware We have to notice a lot of things and yeah, we have to be um, we have to be willing to sort of figure things out as they go and I think that also applies to podcasting like you’re never going to plan exactly how something’s going to go.

09:19.35 podcomm More.

09:24.10 Stacey So Yeah I think um I think your observation of them being caregiving or generous with their time and knowledge is is ah is a good stereotype probably a true stereotype. But I think it’s. I Think it’s probably also partly you have to have it to be a good vet but it’s also partly learned because you as you get more experience as a veterinarian if you’re going to connect with the owners and if you’re going to let the animals talk to you. You have to. Work on developing that skill for sure.

10:04.62 podcomm I’m torn between going off on like you know, do you talk to the horse like I guess my first question is does the owner usually go away or does the you know like they leave you alone with a horse or they want to like hover.

10:10.47 Stacey I don’t talk to the horse. Oh so that is probably pretty different from small animal small animal. You’re going to be in the room. With the owner for a few minutes getting getting a history and then you’re gonna probably take the animal to the back and do most of your workup but for equine veterinarians they are there the whole time probably half the barn as they are watching you. It’s definitely a different experience and.

10:37.91 podcomm Yeah.

10:43.11 Stacey Does the horse talk to me not in the like do I talk to him. Oh I do talk to the horse. Yeah for sure I think it makes them feel more comfortable and.

10:44.90 podcomm Do you talk to the horse. Do you talk to the horse.

10:57.70 Stacey There is some degree of communication. Especially as far as like pain level or certain um certain conditions. You can see a change in their eye or their demeanor. Um, yeah. There’s definitely Communication. It’s not like the woowoo like do I talk to horses is like you know? Yeah, It’s not that but there is definitely a form of communication happening for sure.

11:13.78 podcomm Um, Horse whisper.

11:21.39 podcomm Yes, and um, I’m wondering I guess I tend to forget I’m not going to say I spent a lot of time with horses but compared to the average person I’ve spent a lot of time with horses like I’ve you know like I know how to saddle. Oh. It’s probably been 30 years but know how to saddle on I can ride western like you know I can I can clean hoofs and like enough stuff that I’m not going to get in trouble or get killed in the barn way more than the average person. But I’m just thinking like there’s like people love horses. It’s the horse show people love horses like.

11:42.30 Stacey Yeah, yeah, that’s more than the average person. Yeah.

11:54.19 podcomm On a scream like oh horses are awesome and I’m like yeah well horses are also big and smelly and I’ve been stepped on and you know I haven’t ever been kicked but like I’m like this horse is kind of grumpy and does not want me. You know like they are not just big but they are quite intelligent. But in that you know in like the last 2 feet. There’s a different presence there you know like standing next to the horse like you know, the only reason that I’m still standing here is because of my presence is being tolerated or my presence is appreciated I’ve met horses that have things for diet coke. It’s a long story but you know don’t open diet coke near that horse. Okay, um.

12:13.93 Stacey Um, the specifics.

12:28.57 podcomm But anyway, um, sorry I hijacked your show I say at the beginning.

12:28.94 Stacey Yeah people, um, people people are always like oh I can’t believe you work on horses. They’re so big and scary and I just say it’s sort of what you get used to because I’m way more afraid of a cat that’s stuck in a crate I would never reach my hand and there are people who are. Cat Vets only So I think it’s just what you get used to.

12:51.14 podcomm Yeah, yeah, um, yeah, complete loss of through line um is what was there anything you were thinking This is like when Craig meets to panic. He goes.

12:57.43 Stacey So this is.

13:05.25 podcomm Was there anything you were thinking about on your way to the recording session today that you wanted to make sure we got to. Ah.

13:08.27 Stacey Yeah I think I think it’s important for people to realize that the reason you start a podcast may end up being completely different or you may develop different tangents to. Where you sort of end up with your podcast I created a podcast I wanted to give back to a community that I felt was hurting. Our community has an increased rate of suicide especially among Women. We. Have pretty terrible mental health and well-being habits like I already mentioned um and I had a little extra space in my life to do a project that would give back and podcasts listening to podcasts had helped me so much. Grow as a person by focusing On. You know all the different things you can learn about but even just like habits and gratitude and productivity and leadership and we are not taught those things in vet School. No nor are those things a focus after we graduate but they’re very important. To being like whole people. Well-developed people were so laser focused on fixing animals that we tend to lose a lot of stuff along the way but I started it as a giveback to. Give vets an easy access to someone who kind of knew what they were going through but also was learning along with them and it was definitely an accountability thing for me to continue my personal development journey and I get to learn about you know all the different topics that I’m talking about because. Like to do a fair amount of research before I record but I was not prepared for all the different opportunities that would present themselves as the journey went along and I think it’s important for people to just keep an open mind when they’re going through their podcasting Journey. Journey because you just never know what might come out of it.

15:26.80 podcomm That’s way better than me talking. Um, what do you think how much of um, how many episodes are you in.

15:35.49 Stacey I I’m in for forty 1 official episodes. But I think I’m at 50 like bonus epis like with bonus episodes. Yeah.

15:38.18 podcomm I saw.

15:44.26 podcomm Um, the crowd goes wild I always 1 thing I’m like um, that’s awesome. So make sure we say that’s awesome people who are like in the Forum please comment and tell her that’s awesome. Um, so to get that far you you clearly found something. Um, yeah, Mobi is strip like something that is self-feeding so something about that. Whatever that process was um, clearly is driving that continued creation is it and I’m not want to like what is that is it? um. Like the forced accountability like in order to do these things I have to do some research so I actually got around to reading you know this thing or actually got around to finding an answer to this question I had so is it is it accountability is it at a at a girl from the people who are like yes, please keep you know like what what is it that drives that feedback loop.

16:36.90 Stacey Yeah, it’s I thought it would be more the accountability and I think that’s great I think I’ve realized throughout this that I’m definitely a continual learner like I Really like that. But I don’t think it’s just that. It’s definitely the. Feedback I get from listeners that are like holy crap I didn’t know what imposter syndrome was and now I know that what I’m feeling and dreading every day at work in the vet Clinic is imposter syndrome and I’m gonna.

17:06.38 podcomm Oh.

17:09.57 Stacey Contact that person you talk to because they do 1 on 1 coaching and I’m gonna you know, figure out how to help myself or like you had a student loan planner on and I already booked an appointment with her to go over how to better handle my student loans so it’s. The individual again back to like connection so connection with individual listeners and hearing that the work has helped them is definitely definitely what keeps me going.

17:38.51 podcomm Um, yes I would I would definitely agree on my um, almost all of my podcasts are driven by Curiosity just like what would happen if I talked to this person 1 of but I do 10 more of those and um, the part that so surprised me about it is just how freaking fun it is when people are like that was Great. You know or like I get. Ask you know this person who they want to hear and then when I talk to that person. There’s just like this you know Upward spiral of everybody just keeps saying that was cool and I talked this and then I enjoyed that and so I I wasn’t expecting that upward spiral of funds. Not the right word but feedback that comes out of just.

18:14.35 Stacey No.

18:17.68 podcomm Pushing record, pushing stop and then hitting publish or however, complicated to make it So what’s a so many things. What? Um, what’s something about podcasting currently so looking at like currently what’s going on what’s something about podcasting that scares you.

18:19.53 Stacey So.

18:36.74 Stacey It is scary to think about the amount of work that it takes and like having this dama to continue that because there’s some you know between all of life and all things going on in life like it’s busy and I try not to. Edit my podcast at 2 in the morning but sometimes it still happens and um I I really like doing it but some days it’s kind of scary to be like how does this end like how you know.

18:57.81 podcomm The blanket over your head. No not let that.

19:13.91 Stacey How do I know when this ends or when it’s right to end or how do I give up on now that people are sort of counting on me to help them like how do I ever stop that but I don’t want to stop it currently, but it’s scary to think about like if you know something changed in the future. That’s a little scary.

19:21.27 podcomm Mmm yes.

19:25.42 podcomm And.

19:30.97 podcomm Um, what do you? Yeah this the scary of um opportunity or the scary of yeah possibility. Um, do you? How often do you publish Do you are you still on the I call it the weekly treadmill of like because I I had to stop doing that.

19:32.68 Stacey But it’s like a good scary I think.

19:45.25 Stacey No man weekly was so hard I’m on every other week and I’ll take a break around the holidays this year for sure. Yeah.

19:52.92 podcomm Yeah that’s what I recommend that people is like try taking a break try missing 1 the other 1 is um in the beginning I was just publishing you know whenever I had 1 that was done and I did like a dozen or 14 or something like that and then I had someone working with me on the team I basically said there I’m like okay. Just get me on a schedule because I had believed that you need to be publishing on some sort of regular schedule and then we managed to get to like wednesdays and then eventually we got to every Wednesday every Wednesday and we did a whole bunch and it just became this vicious? Ah, not but not her fault but it became this vicious cycle of like well what are we doing for next week and then as soon as there’s a target like for when it’s due or how many or how long it has to be then you’re like well I guess we’ll just lower the bar a little bit to try and make the and then I don’t like that like mean it surprises me endlessly.

20:28.81 Stacey Um.

20:47.10 podcomm How awesome it is when I take something that I think might be kind of and work on it and it gets really good show up and ask questions and it’s better than I was hoping. But so I I gave up on like weekly I gave up on like publishing on certain days of the week I just went nobody remembers what you know day of the week I published 3 years ago but they’re still downloading it so you know that. The proof is in or the value is in the thing that I made. Yeah.

21:08.36 Stacey Yeah that’s something I’m still working on if we’re going to generalize vets I’m going to also generalize us as perfectionists and probably a lot of the audience can relate. You know there’s a lot of perfectionists out there and um. I haven’t given up that control. It’s every other week on Thursday. Ah.

21:25.76 podcomm Ah, yeah, what’s the simplest thing I think it was david novinsky who first said Mvp minimum viable podcast. What’s and I I do that all the time. What’s the simplest thing that could possibly work here. Let’s try that. So yeah, but i.

21:32.39 Stacey Ah, yeah.

21:37.94 Stacey I will say that leaving um you know I used to have a bank of like pre-recorded interviews and and things ready but leaving them to a little bit last minute is better for me because then I don’t edit them 3 times I just do it the 1 time.

21:51.28 podcomm Um, yes, yeah when I have them in the bank at the moment I have I just recorded a whole bunch for the Movers mindset project I have um, 8 full size interviews. There are an hour and a half to 2 hour recordings.

21:55.27 Stacey So that is something I’ve learned to relax a little bit about for sure.

22:09.90 podcomm And they’re all like in the bank and now I feel bad because I had to tell the guests. Um, if this doesn’t come out until like February it doesn’t mean we don’t love you. It just means we’re can put these swamps so I I yeah I agree with you like I don’t I’m so like it’s done. It’s awesome. Put it out. You know anyway, um well as much as I hate to say it. That’s probably a.

22:15.70 Stacey Ah.

22:27.24 Stacey Time’s up.

22:27.72 podcomm Place where we should stop. So thanks So much stacey for taking the time.

22:30.26 Stacey Thanks for having me. It was fun chatting.