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00:00.00 podcomm Hello I’m craig konine welcome. Ah so we set these things up to be a half hour call. We’ve been talking for 3 hours and 28 minutes no it’s not quite that bad but we really got up on plane and then I’m like stop. We need to press record. Um.

00:01.20 Boston Blake Hey Craig Bostontin Blake I’m glad to be here.

00:15.53 Boston Blake Um, but.

00:19.81 podcomm And’t. We’re going to have any problem recapturing the energy either because I’m just going to say so we started talking and I asked you what’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say the word podcasting and without much delay you said joy and a whole lot of work and then I laughed because yes amen brother. Um, but then you started talking about. Yeah, but it’s there’s so much. Um, the return on investment. There’s so much. Um, reward like yeah, it’s satisfying. Um, and then we spun off into blazing saddles and Mel brooks and ten minutes

00:44.69 Boston Blake It’s really satisfying fulfillment. Yeah.

00:51.46 Boston Blake We went to plaid.

00:56.62 podcomm Exactly I knew we would never make it if people don’t know what ludicrous speed is just just it’s press stop on this. You don’t need to listen to us for twentyny minutes please go watch space balls the movie. Yes, um yeah, what? um.

00:57.80 Boston Blake Ah, yeah.

01:07.38 Boston Blake And.

01:14.48 podcomm Um, so obviously you’re a Mo brooks fan like if you’ve seen wazing saddles and space balls. And yes.

01:15.50 Boston Blake Um I have a well I have a I’m I’m I’m gen x right? Those movies were just out there as part of my childhood but the truth is I have space falls I haven’t seen in 5 years and I haven’t seen any other bell brooks movie since I was a.

01:33.90 podcomm Um, yeah, holy crap I have so many stupid cragisms that people I mean if if you know about Brooks like a lot of times people like say something related to money when money doesn’t really matter. You know we’re like.

01:33.34 Boston Blake Really little kid but I love a good story and Mel brooks tells a good story that’ll make you laugh your bounce off.

01:50.69 podcomm But who’s me you know at dinner and then somebody will start and I’ll be like count the moneyi like you know, get them count and then um I can’t remember the actor’s name and I wait I hate to get names wrong. So I I can picture him and he comes in and he goes count demone har ah harvey ha. Ah, it’s from the history of the world part.

02:04.69 Boston Blake Wait a minute which which I owe no just part. Do we just go to part 2

02:10.63 podcomm 2 and that there’s no part 1 right? It’s justed role part 2 anyway, count demonnet was the way he wanted his name pronounced and bell brooks like right count the money like I don’t talking about. Um so I will say count the money anytime somebody starts counting money that happens not very often. But anyway, um.

02:29.50 Boston Blake Yeah.

02:30.39 podcomm Yeah I don’t know what do you want to just do ah so what? What about podcasting? Do you find here? explain this to me because I don’t know what you’re talking about what what about podcasting? Do you find rewarding I’m being sarcastic.

02:35.21 Boston Blake You. Yeah, of course. Well 1 part is the conversations like I got into podcasting because I wanted to tell stories I I Love to tell stories. But I Really don’t like being on video very much which is weird because I was an I was an actor for years but ah.

02:54.18 podcomm Amen.

02:57.53 Boston Blake But I do love storytelling and I love myths and folk tales and fairy tales and what what surprised me was you know I met you through the akimbo workshop and it was all about interviewing. Yeah, it really kind of like took over my life and.

03:08.46 podcomm Um, I’m sorry I Always ah sorry keep going. Yeah.

03:17.28 Boston Blake And what surprised me was all of these amazing conversations I got to have the practice quote unquote practice conversations which turned into podcast interviews and podcasting has opened this whole new world where I have something to offer you know like so my topic my my podcast is called mythic.

03:34.22 podcomm Name of the show. Yeah, by the way your cover art I’ve I’ve seen 2 or 3 pieces of cover art yours is like I want to I like I like throw my bills god damn it like because it’s so good and I’m like I look at mine I’m like shit my cover arts.

03:37.44 Boston Blake Mythic.

03:48.51 Boston Blake Um, thank you.

03:52.91 podcomm Sucks I mean even the cover art that I have the sorry there are people who could be listening who made the cover art for some of my shows I’m sorry however, my cover art sucks in comparison news yours is like off the charts so you have to go find Boston’s mythic ah it’s just amazing. A mythic is the podcast. What else you’re gonna say.

04:08.56 Boston Blake Mythic is the podcast and it and and it started out as storytelling but it’s it opened up this world of people I get to talk Oh by the way. Thank you for the cover art canva. The secret is Canva and I did it myself. It’s a.

04:18.89 podcomm Yep, did you do it yourself or how did you.

04:23.75 Boston Blake It’s a stock. It’s a stock image with a filter and a font and a I had but but but I did tweak on it for about forty eight hours and and then tweaked on it some more. So.

04:29.80 podcomm Ah, okay, I’m taking notes I’m going to write down canva you’re killing me smalls. You know what movie that’s from how do I keep gone forty 8 hours week

04:41.69 Boston Blake But but are we at fast times. So um, no I’m great. So so the fulfillment is conversations like this people I get to meet in this world. Podcasters are 1 special breed of person because.

04:47.55 podcomm Ah, no, but I.

04:58.36 podcomm Um, yeah.

05:00.95 Boston Blake Like this is an odd thing that we do sit in front of a mic and talk. But then we add like another person to talk to and on a screen since I started podcasting during Covid when everything was shut down. It was also a social outlet and things have kind of stayed that way I’ve never done an in the like.

05:06.80 podcomm Right.

05:20.40 Boston Blake I’ve never done a podcast interview where we’re in the same room I Wonder what that would be like ah right? What could possibly go right? It sounds incredible. That’s.

05:21.84 podcomm Um, oh it’s a whole different world. You got to do it. You got to try it. What could possibly go wrong. Actually this ah but which do you use? Do you use? um Squatcast or this is we’re doing. You’re using zencastr today. Um, and I’ll tell you what this is the all 3 of them zencaster squad cast riverside fm and there’s a fourth 1 now I think they all come out sounding pretty darn good. Um, it’s almost as good as in person.

05:49.24 Boston Blake The tech, the tech is amazing and it’s changed so much like even in the last 8 or nine months. But right now I’m recording in zoom and I’m using loop back with descript and I have not yet found the ideal settings i.

06:01.76 podcomm E.

06:08.31 Boston Blake Um, just shout out to descript. It’s changed my life I Love everything about using that tool except their sound compression. They have this studio sound ah feature that is great for cleaning up the audio but it makes it kind of flat and I’m really debating because Zoom actually gives me a warmer sound.

06:21.10 podcomm Ah.

06:28.20 Boston Blake But the descript audio gives me. It’s so much easier to clean it up. It saves me hours of time. Do I have what.

06:31.50 podcomm Um, yeah, the hu hu no I was just like I’m just you know you were talking about how like there’s so much to it this like where you yeah, you sit in front of a mic and then you bring a second person. It’s so complicated and I’m like. I don’t even use descript I mean I think I’ve like opened the script because people asked like when so when they invented de script people started asking about it. So I remember looking at it and I was like wow that’s really cool and then I just never I don’t use it for anything and I hear people talking about it and I’m like you know I could totally redesign my. Love jessica zo’s podcast duct tape rocket ship I could totally redesign my duct tape Rocket ship here. but but I’m also sitting in it. So maybe I should not um so I’m always impressed by what people and people say I do it all in Descript. My brain goes like.

07:18.35 Boston Blake Um, like what? yeah I’m not an audio engineer and I’m really impatient I’m super visual so being able to just cut and paste it I it.

07:20.15 podcomm Like across the interwebs like you load that what you’re ending in the clown Hu you know the yeah.

07:35.80 Boston Blake When I started the first time we had an assignment in a kimbo to edit a podcast I spent four hours on something like ten minutes of a footage it was I was like I can’t do this. This will not work for me and then somebody said try to script and I download it I’m like and I did the same thing in like thirty minutes like

07:42.40 podcomm Um, yeah, and.

07:52.97 podcomm Oh yes, yes this and.

07:54.14 Boston Blake This is how we’re going to do this from now On. This is what we’re doing and 1 of the things that that’s really important to me when I’m when I’m interviewing somebody so mythologists who I’ve been interviewing are not necessarily the most gregarious group of people. So Some of them are but but these are academics and they’re a lot of them a little introverted and take their time and sometimes there are lots of Ums and Ahs I Want to make them sound great I Want them to hear themselves podcasting and.

08:15.11 podcomm Little introverted a little book nerdy.

08:26.90 podcomm Um, from.

08:30.77 Boston Blake Hear themselves being interviewed and I want them to hear the brilliance of what they’re saying and sometimes that just takes a little more work… It’s also better for my listeners to some of my topics are really esoteric. So clarity is really important and descript helps me weed out little digressions. That might not bother somebody else, but it bothers me in terms of clarity at making sure people can follow it Anyway. Now here’s the other side of this perfectionism. Ah like so much doesn’t get made because it would be really good for me to just record and go.

08:56.13 podcomm Um.

09:05.51 podcomm Yes.

09:09.66 Boston Blake And I’m actually about to launch a second podcast that is called the other 1 which is where I like you know I can say hi I’m Boston blake I’m the host of the mythic podcast and this is the other 1 So.

09:18.88 podcomm I’m golf clapping well then this is the other 1 well plates are on the green in 2 Nice.

09:26.86 Boston Blake Yeah, so like the things that don’t fit the things that are just fun to talk about like let’s get that stuff out there because I know a lot of really interesting people with great stories but they don’t fit in any kind of box and all of this language about doing podcasting right marketing and there’s this way to put it out there.

09:30.51 podcomm Um, now.

09:45.55 Boston Blake What if it’s just about giving people a platform to share and then seeing what resonates with people like that’s enough that can be really fun but you’re not, you’re nodding furiously what’s happening.

09:56.11 podcomm Boss said it was great talking you today. That’s I’m nodding furiously it was pleasure to talk to you today I think we just summed it all up now I guess plus 1 or 2 plus 2 I think that there and I mean. Most people who are listening are podcasters I mean there might be some people that get randomly roped in because they listened to 1 and thought they’d all be as good as that 1 and I think there’s magic in what happens if my intention is to you know create a space for somebody or what happens if my intention is to. Figure out how to show that person are to audio. What’s the verb for show. We’ll just say show show that person in their best possible light which are metaphors for visuals that doesn’t work. Um and but but like you’re I’m totally down like I’m I don’t edit this show at all. But other shows I don’t edit them because I suck so I send them out like you I know there are time. There’s time and place for every tool and on this show almost everybody. That’s been on here has been on other people’s like ah almost all these people are podcasters trying to think if it somebody who hasn’t been a podcast right? So let’s say they’re all podcasters so they’ve all been on mike but. A lot of them. They haven’t been on somebody else’s show yet and so it’s like oh that’s an interesting a different on the other side of the microphone kind of thing. Um, but what you’re doing and and what I do with my other show. Most of these people are not. They’ve never been on a podcast at all and you’re you’re doing this huge service I mean to the world by getting their voice out there and. Polishing the content. So it’s you know, shown in its best light. You know when we put the artifact in Museum we put the good side you know facing out and I I also think you may be doing those people of and this is like a question. Do you realize? you’re also doing them early big service because the next person who asks them may not be as. Might be a good podcaster but they might not be coming at it from the same intention and now you’re setting the list they’re setting the guest up the guest is like oh I did this 1 with Boston and it went awesome. So they go in with a positive mindset and guess what makes for better things if they show up with a po like so it it actually will go better. Because they had a good experience with you previously I don’t know if you thought about that like the ripple I’m putting that in that bank. Yeah had.

12:01.93 Boston Blake I had not I had not thought about it that way I I’m gonna I’m going to take that and run with it because that really is yeah like that’s yeah, but then the bank I I want to I want to. Part of my work in the world is empowering people I hadn’t thought about doing it through that particular lens and I love I Love that thought people so many people have incredible stories and an incredible wisdom to share and they just need a platform but they’re scared to stand on the platform for whatever reason.

12:30.86 podcomm Yeah, they need a platform and they need not just a nudge. Don’t push people off high dive boards dear listeners. They need a platform. Don’t put them on the hemter board put them on the tenmeter board stand next to them and go like Okay, if you’re comfortable. You can let go the railing and walk over here I’m not pushing you in the book. You know like.

12:36.83 Boston Blake You know again.

12:48.55 podcomm Yes, you need to lead them up there. You need to create the platform but you also need to make sure they’re ready to go and it sounds to me like you’ve got a nice um, random. Ah my talking is so slow how how much pushback do you get from so here’s what I’m thinking your. In an interesting from my perspective section of the Venn diagram of human beings that are on podcasts so you’re over in a just let’s be so I’ll be stereotypical. You’re in a more introverted. You’re probably in in a slightly older. You know these people aren’t 16 they’ve probably got their master’s degree at their ph d they’re in a university there and that’s a certain type of person. And I’m wondering what your experiences have been getting them to come onto the show.

13:29.76 Boston Blake It has been surprisingly easy. Um I have I There’s a community of folks who are all there Pacific A graduate institute is where mythological studies is happening and I participated in some courses there and I met people and. We had great conversations and so the podcast became a place where we could continue and deepen those conversations in front of a broader group because these are also people who believe that the study of mythology is really important for humanity right Now. So right now like.

13:52.77 podcomm Um.

14:01.39 podcomm Um, right now R F and no.

14:08.26 Boston Blake Like right? Ah, right, fucking now because because it does offer some context for these incredible problems and these challenges that we’re facing so they’re excited to have a platform. Um and everyone’s also really busy now. What I’m curious about. Because this first crop I’m now editing my first crop of interviews from this group and people have been very generous with their time and their energy and their thoughts now those interviews are going to start going live and the question is what happens when their colleagues hear those interviews. Do they feel inspired to come on or they go oh no, that’s not for me and so it’s a little bit of I really hope they feel good about it and they’re inspired to come on so so far there hasn’t been a lot of pushback but these have also been people that I already had some really nice rapport with.

14:49.28 podcomm Um, who.

14:55.41 podcomm Yeah, low hanging fruit. Do you find? Ah do you have any read I like because you so i’t know is is it Mythicist Myth Mythicist is it a philosopher. What would you call people who are doing this kind of study and research do you? Yeah and I would say you’re not.

15:08.60 Boston Blake Um, mythologists.

15:11.93 podcomm Ah, mythologist you you probably don’t consider your psych you mean pick 3 things you wouldn’t call yourself a mythologist right? That’s not your top 3 or is it okay o aspirational. Oh.

15:15.88 Boston Blake Not yet I would like to I would like to call myself confidently a mythologist.

15:23.60 podcomm Wait The whole podcast is your giants. This is I’ve done this I’ve used this too So you’re using the podcast as your access tool like if I talk to all the mythologists I’ll eventually look like a duck quack like a duck walk like a duck. You’re a duck.

15:31.32 Boston Blake Well so I was I was on my way to do a Ph D program and then Covid happened and I just couldn’t justify doing that.

15:38.24 podcomm Oh.

15:41.78 Boston Blake And I thought okay well how do I get my education. How do I do this I don’t want to not do it So I started blogging which basically became writing newsletters for substack that are now on my website so I was writing essays and papers and then I wanted to meet people and I thought this is what I was This is what I came into.

15:49.93 podcomm Right? right? right.

16:00.23 podcomm Oh.

16:00.28 Boston Blake Akimbo with was how can I get the attention of these people and build a community who want to have this conversation and that’s exactly what’s happening is I’m getting to talk with the professors who would have been my professors.

16:10.47 podcomm Ah, professors so podcasting is except for the people who are literally on the show with you at any given moment podcasting is 1 way Broadcast Medium. How. How are you managing to you know like I’m the guest. You’re the host. But how do you manage to hear what my peers have to say like how are you trying to crack the nut of yes okay I’ve got the broadcast part of it working but now I want to create. Interchange I Want to create Community. How are you trying to build that if at all.

16:42.89 Boston Blake That has been really hard so I have a platform. It’s Mythic dash networkwork dot com and oh sorry you have to put the ww ww w in there where it won’t work w ww w dot mythicdashnetwork dot com and it’s on the. The mighty works platform I just deleted Facebook because I hate it and husa so proud of that 1 my latest blog post is why and how I did that but the and nobody’s read it. So ah, but.

17:02.51 podcomm Um, ah sorry and nobody’s read it. Ah I’m sorry I don’t mean to make light of your work and your efforts.

17:17.80 Boston Blake But I founded the Mythic network as a place where people could come after these courses so taking a course I meet all these people please come and hang out. Let’s share our thoughts and ideas it turns out that that’s really difficult because people are in school they’re at Pacifica or they’re in a program somewhere else. They’re.

17:22.77 podcomm A.

17:35.30 podcomm Right.

17:37.66 Boston Blake Busy and they’re already engaged in their own cohorts. So creating a space for that has proved really difficult I have hopes that my blog will eventually be a place where that can come I’m I am not sure how I want to do the technology around this I’ve been using Mighty Networks which I love a lot. But I think I’m going to end up moving to a wordpress based online platform for cost reasons and try to gather gather folks who are who have the time and space to Engage. So That’s how I’ve been approaching it and it is not really born fruit.

18:02.79 podcomm Yeah.

18:14.68 Boston Blake Keeping people engaged is tough.

18:14.90 podcomm Yes, ha if I remembered half the things that I learned on any given day my hip but Overflow. Um. And laziest question I know anything else that you were thinking about on your way to this conversation that you’re like oh my god we have to make sure we get to ellipses.

18:34.68 Boston Blake Um, honestly I Just want to say? Thank you 1 of the podcasters seem to be a really generous type of person. Everybody I’ve met has been really extraordinary and you are no Exception. You have. Created an incredible space for podcasters to meet and interact and stay connected and your commitment to community and to offering platforms to offering people a platform. It has really made a difference. It’s made a difference for me and I am so excited for the Podcasters community that is about to take on a whole new level and I know it’s happening I’m watching it. It’s happening so fast and.

19:10.39 podcomm I Wish that wasn’t happening. But yes I know you’re talking about. Um, yeah.

19:19.39 Boston Blake I’m proud to be a part of it and I’m really I Just want to say thank you for making space for me.

19:21.15 podcomm Um, thank you? Um, thanks for saying it I mean ah, you’re onto something about podcasters and I’ve always wondered like is it because they’re special or do you wind up having to be special in order to survive because if you need external validation. You aren’t going to go very far. So yeah I think there’s um.

19:34.53 Boston Blake Not going to get it. Nope.

19:39.83 podcomm And I often you know say like whatever what do you want and people were like I’m on 12 like that’s awesome and I’m not being sarcastic. You know I’m not exaggerating. It’s as it’s so rare that you get and that’s what I was asking you about so you have all these guests and you have these episodes what what kind of engagement are you getting back from the professor because I’m always looking for little ideas or little tidbits or what’s working for people. Um.

19:57.53 Boston Blake You know what Twitter is starting to come alive something is changing over on Twitter I don’t know what it is and I don’t know whether it’s just my little corner of Twitter I am get but interaction is going up.

19:59.36 podcomm Yeah I think that’s part of the reason god.

20:13.16 podcomm He.

20:14.47 Boston Blake And so I’m I am doubling down on the energy I put there getting rid of Facebook and Instagram I’ve only kept twitter and linkedin and I think there’s something to be said for that.

20:23.33 podcomm Um, my brain is going so I I I was on Twitter like in the beginning. Um, and then I was just using it for just dumb stuff and like and I went away and I deleted my count and it’s long gone but I have been noticing like the places where I tend to read.

20:29.80 Boston Blake Um.

20:41.53 podcomm A lot of blogs I’m an rss geek. So I have hundreds of things that I follow and I have notes that say go find bostons. Um, and I’ve been noticing more people quoting Twitter threads and Twitter conversations. So I have like I’m not in there so I don’t see what’s going on but like.

20:46.60 Boston Blake Me.

20:54.71 Boston Blake And if.

21:00.57 podcomm You know now that you mentioned it in the last year I’ve seen I think I’ve seen more people like oh my god this happened in Twitter like somebody talking about it where I see it than I have in all the previous years combined. It was always like the Twitter stuff is in the Twitter sphere but now I’m seeing like people and I don’t know if if something happened I mean my guess would be.

21:07.23 Boston Blake Um, yeah. Yeah.

21:19.55 podcomm That people are realizing that Twitter is actually pretty cool and I don’t know if it if it can manage to survive against Facebook like eventually Facebook will want to just buy it. But it’s it’s an interesting point you make about Yeah, maybe I will go because the podcaster community is not on any particular social networks and I’ve often thought I feel like see. People that I talk to like you and like I want these people to be heard and seen by more people so I would like to get it out further. Um, and Twitter would be willing to do that that be It’s a very very interesting.

21:47.17 Boston Blake Have you are you familiar with this platform this app called who I was about to say myth pods which is that’s my Twitter handle and that’s not what I was looking for good pods. Do you know this good pods app.

21:57.75 podcomm Um, I think I have heard of it but I don’t remember the specifics of the pitch.

22:01.92 Boston Blake I It I’m having some tech trouble with it and just getting my account set up which is a real bummer because it looks really interesting it. It seems like it might be the social network for podcasters that we’re that we’re looking for. Ah.

22:12.77 podcomm Who Yeah, we have what they call the Discovery problem it’ like I can’t follow whole shows anymore and I have a personal total dorkey way of following shows and then knowing which episodes to list my total Geege way is I take all the rss feeds from all the shows that I wish I could follow when I stuffed them in my rss reader in a folder.

22:24.24 Boston Blake What’s that.

22:31.95 podcomm And I read the rss feeds with my eyeballs because it’s just an rss feed I don’t look at the audio and then when I go like I’m often weeks and months behind I go oh look Boston has a new episode and then I go I don’t care and I just is a ah rss and I go buy it and when you get like oh who’s that and then I open my pod catcher. And I add that 1 episode and I’m actually only like 50 episodes. My cue is only like 50 episodes deep in my player and guess what’s in the player I wrote I wrote this all up in a giant article. It’s fifty. Oh my god awesome art. Um like shows like it’s the.

22:57.10 Boston Blake I Want to read that.

23:03.90 podcomm I cannot listen to tim ferris anymore. But it’s the 1 that I have to listen to and cal fusman. It’s that 1 it’s and like it’s I love it anyway. Sorry we’re at twenty three minutes um okay so what’s your Twitter handle. Okay.

23:08.66 Boston Blake No, don’t be sorry I would’ve read Oh oh my God Okay, ah.

23:19.60 Boston Blake I’m at Boston blake on Twitter no punctuation at Boston blake straightforward like that.

23:21.78 podcomm No punkctu situation right? Okay, cool. Cool. So that’s 1 thing that we need to all go check out and I’m just going to say yeah, it’s like we should probably stop there but we don’t we do need to have um I may go do a deep dive on Twitter because I have been thinking I I feel like podcast or community. Is creating not that I want more people to come to the community I have great plans on how to slow that down. But I’m thinking we’re creating this awesome show. You know you guys are all making this show with me and I feel like these should be heard by more people. But anyway I’m going to shut up.

23:51.89 Boston Blake I well just to put it just to put a button on that I would love to trade some knowledge I have some really solid tips on how to make Twitter a magical awesome experience because it can also be a shit show and.

24:02.11 podcomm Um, let’s throw this on the workbench.

24:07.20 Boston Blake And I would also like to learn from you. How to you? How to maximize Rss I’ve never used it I don’t know anything about it. It’s like Robert Stanley Smith or something.

24:12.63 podcomm Oh my god all right I will yeah and get no really simple syndication anyway. So I’ll send you a thing after we’re done here all right? Cool Boston up that was fun. Um, yeah, and we’re out all right any last words. Thanks so much.

24:21.21 Boston Blake Awesome.

24:26.86 Boston Blake And seen Thank you Craig have a great day.

24:30.91 podcomm Ah.