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00:00.00 podcomm Hello I’m Craig constantine.

00:01.20 Heat Um, I’m heat G check but you might know me as heat weird last name.

00:06.20 podcomm Thank you for taking the time to join with me today for recording I always hesitate to say thanks so much for taking the time but because it wastes the listener’s time. But I think it’s really important to like show your work and say thanks for taking the time I ah, you’re not the hardest person I’ve ever. Manage to get just down from a microphone to be amazed now I’m talking to people listening hey you out there. You’d be amazed. Everybody else does exactly what you do not not heat. But you people listening who run away from me and say like I got nothing to talk about everybody says that and these people have a podcast I’m like wait isn’t this like the exact opposite of. So you had sent me a nice. Well first you dodged me I don’t know 7 or 8000 times and then eventually you sent me this really well-considereed email and it was like well I want to listen to some episodes and it was like this like giant prep list and I went I literally wrote back or you could ignore everything you wrote and click on this link and pick a half hour because there’s no prep work. So I do appreciate. Um, you know in this sense of like I understand and I not just appreciate like hey thanks but I do appreciate it does take a leap you know to like show up and let somebody press record and then boy I hope he doesn’t like lead me to places around I want to go so all that pre-ramble setup.

01:20.00 Heat You know, just for the just for the record I didn’t think I had nothing to say I thought I had too much and it was complete like how can I pick a topic I don’t have 1 topic I have nine hundred I have nine hundred topics. We kick over the mull at twenty minutes

01:28.13 podcomm Oh I have a mute button I also warn I always warn everybody in the precall. There’s an airbag that goes off at the end of this. It’s like twenty minutes to shows over you know, just adds. But yeah, yeah, you’ll have no problem fitting into twenty minutes just watch

01:45.41 Heat Um.

01:47.16 podcomm So we talked about a bunch of different things upfront and and and the very like the pre-talk part I often try to encourage the shiny syndrome I try to like throw random things up in the air to see what you dive for um and it never ceases to amaze me the longer that we do that. The. Better material. We start to get to and like 1 of the very last things you said before we hit record was do what works for you. It might even bit an f bomb in there and I think I mean that’s brilliant, right? because I often. Get lost in in like my preachy soapbox. So here’s how you should do backups and here’s how you should name your folders I’m like a process maniac and I think when I manage to take that advice to just like well, what’s the simplest thing that could possibly work here like you know could be try easy before we try crazy complicated. So. That’s like deep wisdom there and I’m guessing you’re going to say you have trouble following that wisdom but has has the journey of podcasting taught you anything special about like that lesson like I’m thinking maybe like in podcasting. It’s really a rabbit hole. So maybe you really learned the lesson or are there things about. That just do it works for you that that are like Apropos or in the same vein as podcasting does it make sense.

03:01.86 Heat It does make sense and it’s it and there have been 2 really big spots that this came true for me through podcasting and the first was I was like oh you know I have these ninety seven ideas for a podcast. Okay, now I’ve got a whittled down to 12 now I’ve got it whittled down to 7 now I’ve got four I’ve got four ideas for a podcast and I was talking to a mastermind group that I have from a a workshop and they’re like why don’t you just do all of them.

03:35.00 podcomm Thanks guys. Ah.

03:38.40 Heat And I was like do all of them in the same podcast like they kind of match but they don’t really match and they’re like it’s your podcast you can do whatever you want and I was like oh right right? I could do whatever I want and. That helped me to not be stuck because otherwise it’s like oh I don’t know which of these I like better because if I knew which 1 I’d like better I would have picked it already right? but then owning that and being like okay these are four ideas they go together. It’s not super clean and tidy.

04:03.37 podcomm It might be down to 1 is that a four.

04:16.39 Heat But that’s part of what makes it fun. It’s part of the chaos and and it was good to own that because I’ve gotten pushback since it’s come out from people who are like you know you should make this separate podcast and I was like just don’t listen to the ones you don’t want to listen to.

04:28.95 podcomm Um, I was going to say f you first skip over unsubscribe but yes, see your your answer was much nicer than my answer was I’m I’m not so good. My boy is not so good at the people skills as kathy bate once said in a movie. Oh. Ah, but I think there’s there’s deep wisdom there to like well why can’t I just put grapes in my you know mashed potatoes like guess no reason you can’t do it most people would go you but like and and you’re right? The things that you’re combining are not that fastly I mean it’s. Still 2 people talking about topics. It’s not like you’re combining knitting with astrophysics which there’s probably a podcast for that. Did you have you have you gone back to reath how far along are you? This is the part where I want to say you’re awesome how how many episodes you about.

05:20.40 Heat Episodes of c four per month july august september october so 16 so far the next four come out next week

05:27.39 podcomm Okay, first of all mad props for not actually knowing the number that’s the first good sign is we go? Um I’m not really sure good because we all get stuck on the numbers. Um, but also 16 is way Beyond podate so mad props congratulations. Um, ah long ago i.

05:39.49 Heat Thank you.

05:44.70 podcomm Kind of like reinvented myself and 1 of the things that I did was I said to myself I’m kind of stingy with the positive reinforcement I’ve had people actually say that to me like you. You just don’t ever say so in certain scenarios I started anytime I saw something that but I thought was like my brain went Wow that was kind of cool I was required my rule was I had to say that out loud. Had to go Wow that was that was kind of cool I had to like just verbalize the positivity. Um, so that’s that’s like where that comes from when you see me do that or say it to go I’m like it’s not because I’m bullshittting you. It’s because I actually thought whoa That’s pretty Cool. So then I go hey that’s pretty cool like 16 is awesome and that’s beyond podfates Anyway, I’m i’m. You know while dead Beat Horse. So um.

06:23.52 Heat It’s a thing but that’s a thing that I encourage lots of people to do like when you see things that other people are wearing or doing or saying and you think good things about it. You should tell them because we don’t hear that enough everybody everybody do it people.

06:29.92 podcomm Um, yes, yes, Amen once more louder for those in the back I I think that there’s again, there’s that there’s deep wisdom there and now I’m thinking that reminds me. Of like the shiny syndrome we were talking before about you know, distracted by shiny things or the squirrel syndrome and I find that focusing like that. So you know hey that podcast episode was really good that makes me think about. Somebody else’s work and thinking about other people’s work tends to give me more ideas and you know, interesting and interesting ideas inspiring ideas as opposed to like just going around in the little squirrel racetrack in my head about different ideas and you’re nodding vigorously but nobody can hear that so ah, did you um have you like so have you always known that so you made a point of like.

07:16.41 Heat Um.

07:23.28 podcomm Ah, ah, violently agreeing with me about yes, say that positive stuff out loud more How far back does that idea go you know that you’re holding on.

07:30.61 Heat Um, a couple years honestly um my the last like 35 years of my life has been a gradual saying things out loud like when I was a kid.

07:45.27 podcomm Oh.

07:49.18 Heat Super shy had like 2 friends very happy with my 2 friends but talked to no 1 else right? and slowly like learning to talk to people and and building on that. But also I came from a family that was super negative. Um, and just judgmental and kind of nasty and so like learning also to see positive things in people instead of just negative things which are things that are automatic because that’s what I was steeped in.

08:16.84 podcomm Um, yeah, the habit? Well but why 2 years ago like you you said a couple to me a couple means too. You said a couple years ago that idea took root or you know broke through I was like the idea like you plant the seed. And I don’t know what’s going on in 1 day like link it comes through the ground but there’s a lot that happened before it sprouted what made it sprout like 2 years ago

08:38.59 Heat You know it was probably more than 2 years ago because pandemic time.

08:45.52 podcomm Um, yeah I totally agree. It’s like every data chart every data charts can have an asterisk next to 2019 and 1 of those little daggers next to 2020 for the rest of forever. Yes, anyway, sorry so 2 years in Covid time ago would be like.

08:47.74 Heat Ah, so it’s probably 4 years ago ah

08:56.64 Heat Ah, yes.

09:04.54 podcomm 2018 yeah 2017

09:06.10 Heat You know I get I get and and this is true for things in general. Not just this 1 specific idea where I become introduced to a thought and then I find people or organizations that are putting out more.

09:12.55 podcomm Are.

09:25.86 Heat Of this so now with social media. This is super easy and so then I get a steady stream of this thing that I want that I want to do or want to become and it just starts slowly to take over you know, like water on a stone.

09:42.97 podcomm Um.

09:45.16 Heat Kind of thing eventually smooths it out kind of idea and so I can’t tell you that there was a thing that happened as much as the stone got worn.

09:53.83 podcomm This has been recent work. Yeah let’s it. That’s super interesting. Are you gonna so. Ah what I was gonna say is are you gonna stick with the the four ah years. So you’re you’re. Podcast has four facets for threads I think you said at 1 point um, are you going to stick with 4 threads or now you’re thinking like well if I can do four I can have 12 or like you know you could you could invent and I mean that naguba you can invent all sorts of really interesting There’s an author.

10:13.64 Heat Um, if.

10:30.37 podcomm Whose name escapes me and it bothers me. Maybe it’ll come back to me draft number 6 by Mcphee. What’s Mcphee’s first name. Oh my brain doesn’t work. Anyway, it’s it’s a great book but he he did crazy stuff like well most people do like investigative reporting and it’ll be about 1 person. Maybe it’s about a town but it’s like about 1 thing and then he was like well what if I did 2 people like you know the 2 people on opposite sides of the aisle in a political debate and like well that’s a pretty common and then he tried to do 3 and in the book. Draft number 6 I believe it is he he explains and he’s like he did it once and he’s like it’s really a lot of hard work but it made this really interesting because you get these new perspectives. So my brain is thinking well, you’ve got four different perspectives because you’re interviewing four different kinds of people each month or you’re interviewing four different people of particular types each month 1 is you know your son with you but um, are you going to stick with that or now you’re like well if I can do four I can do 12.

11:17.59 Heat Yes.

11:24.63 Heat Um, there is definitely some expansion stuff in my brain. Ah and I don’t know I don’t know yet. What.

11:33.28 podcomm Um, ah.

11:42.43 Heat What of it I’m going to pursue and what of it needs to just ctfd. Um, but I was thinking right because I interview an artist and I interview the person next door. So just like a normal person and then I interview my son and then my son interviews someone those are the four threads. And I got to thinking recently like you know it would be really interesting to interview small business owners and find out like how they got started and what their process is because all of these things are like about process and experience and how. Ordinary people are interesting and like it would be super interesting to know how the couple that owns the sandwich shop that I’ve been going to for 15 years got started and what they think about how it’s going now and like all that stuff so that. That 1 might might come to exist. We’ll see I also need to be careful because it takes time right to produce all these and at.

12:51.11 podcomm What? yes.

12:56.49 Heat Some point here I’m going to need to start doing something that makes money and podcasting is not that thing So like I’ve got that kind of counterbalancing ideas ideas ideas ideas ideas. But I think the small business thing that 1 might. Might need to take some time and come out into the world.

13:19.40 podcomm Ah I was having a conversation with somebody else about if the thing if you take the thing that you love doing like oh this is my creative outlet and you try to make it be the revenue stream Perfect recipe for hating the thing that you used to love and I’m thinking.

13:31.25 Heat I.

13:38.59 podcomm Is that part of what’s holding you back from trying to figure out how to monetize the podcast are you thinking I’m going to use the podcast and I’m going to sneak up sideways on opportunities and then I’m going to monetize 1 of those opportunities are you just completely stuffing the whole thing in the closet and ignoring it.

13:52.33 Heat Well see this. This is the thing. It’s funny because I by trade was an elementary band teacher and I quit at christmas break last year because of covid I had just finished the creatives workshop I had written a book and the plan was to work on the book and to. To do whatever and my husband makes enough money we’re like we can rebudget and it’ll be okay, not to have the massive teaching salary. Um, which opened up all kinds of possibilities right? because now I’ve got.

14:17.48 podcomm Yeah, just be single single and gum right.

14:31.58 Heat Time but I had no plan because it wasn’t like oh I’m going to quit teaching and do this thing instead. It was I’m quitting teaching because of how things are going with the pandemic and so since then I’ve been kind of floating and the podcast came into it.

14:36.88 podcomm Right.

14:50.85 Heat And I have it attached to buy me a coffee so in theory like and I’ve made 35 dollars so ah

14:53.66 podcomm Um, event.

14:59.55 podcomm Um, it’s always just enough to just show you that it works and you’re just like why did I spend 3 hours setting that up I could’ have made my own coffee. Yeah yeah.

15:10.11 Heat Ah, um, so yeah, so there’s that but I have other things in the works because the things that are shiny are not all in this same lane right? So I wrote a book.

15:26.25 podcomm Um, right.

15:29.49 Heat And I’m still working on getting that publish I’m trying to get it published through a publisher instead of self publishing but that’s taking a massively long time.

15:36.87 podcomm Yeah, but my understanding is it’s also like the really good hard work. So if you can get a publisher assuming you’re not like trying to gain the system which I know you’re not but like if you’re if you’re really honestly trying to write a good book having a publisher tell you your Book. Talks is is like okay I’ll make it Better. You know like it. It can really if you get a good publisher. They can really be a really positive guiding influence. Um, so I think you’re on the right track by like no I’m going to do this the hardcore way.

16:03.44 Heat Well and I I cross paths with an editor in creatives Workshop who has like almost my lifetime of experience and she was reading as I was writing she’s like you’re really good at this. This is really good and so that was.

16:16.81 podcomm Um.

16:21.49 Heat Hugely affirming. And yeah, so there’s that and and I’m doing photography and um and the podcast and I have a blog.

16:24.32 podcomm Now.

16:37.89 Heat And I just launched a new thing Yesterday that’ll come out on the twenty first of November like I’ve got with doing having to do with art and painting and photography. So I’ve got a lot of things going on which it’s fun. It’s hard for me to tell.

16:51.61 podcomm But I think it’s good.

16:57.65 Heat Excuse me right now if it’s like good to be doing stuff or it’s just like oh shiny O Shiny Oh shiny I haven’t figured that out yet. But it’s good for now.

17:04.81 podcomm Um, yeah, So I I’m I’m picking up with your laying down there. That’s definitely a question of like I know like what’s the point of doing all these recorded conversations. But for me I have a specific. Vision and mission and minds and I’m like like yes, that’s okay, I’m still doing the thing that I think I’m doing but it’s tough when you’re like ah for example, the weather’s corous where destroy I am right now and I want to go rock climbing like tomorrow is looking really nice and they have to always make just like that’s Life. You got to choose you can only do 1 thing at a time even if you think you’re Multitasking. You’re really just.

17:34.40 Heat Yes. Yes, yes.

17:39.17 podcomm Serially unitasking doing everything Badly. So I totally think you’re on the right path of you know what am I doing today anything else spring to mind that was on your mind on your way to the book like just trying to make sure i. Leave the door open here for you to go? Oh I wanted to talk about whatevs cool have you ever seen? Um I’m really good with visuals like I can picture the guy I can picture his show.

17:58.61 Heat I Don’t think so I don’t think so.

18:12.00 podcomm It’s a podcast. Ah it’s actually a tv program on netflix too I can’t think of the gentleman’s name and this program has no episode notes so you’re all on your own and it’s a guy who is a photographer documentarian and a podcaster. And I don’t want to guess the name because I hate to get to say the wrong names. He’s super Famous. It’s done like photography for rolling stone all kinds of cool photos and he does with with 1 person. He does all 3 so you’re saying like podcasting and then you’re mentioning art and you’re mention it was over I’m like hey what if you just you know do the peanut butter and chocolate smash. All these things together. So he does a photo shoot like a portraiture style photo shoot like I don’t know how to like for a portraiture with a capital p and then does an ah.

19:00.00 Heat Um, yeah.

19:06.17 podcomm Ah, video documentary with the person and sits them down for like 2 people talking between Ferns. So The the you can watch and it’s edited like a documentary or you can just listen to it as a podcast and then there’s also the the side of the person that you maybe weren’t expecting that’s in the portraiture. And that’s his way of like doing what he does and he creates these 3 different things and they are. They are off the chart. The quality in all 3 is just like I mean I wanted to like burn all my audio like I was just like I give up if that’s if that’s what people can do with this medium. Oh my God um. But I was just wondering if you’ve thought about trying to smash together 2 things that seem so different like photography and podcasting.

19:52.54 Heat I’m trying to smash together everything I just haven’t figured out had’t figured out how to do it yet. Ah I’ll get there I’ll figure it out. It’s just I prove not there yet I’m getting there.

19:55.62 podcomm Back.

20:01.66 podcomm Um, I get there. What’s some. So I think pretty many people would know you as a remarkable you said 7 pod 7 pod 7 pod set or you did.

20:14.30 Heat 8 I was in Pod Eight I was remarkable in Pod nine it’s all good.

20:20.80 podcomm Pod nine sorry my bad? Um, so that’s you know something like 5 or 600 people who would have seen you in those 2 contexts and I do right I do remember like you stood out like in pod 8 pretty quickly. It was like you’re clearly. You’re clearly going to be ah I’m like yep, you’re going to be back. That’s a remarkable going somewhere to happen. They don’t do that like in the first couple weeks. But yeah, it always happens. Um, and I’m just wondering for all those people who may have seen you in that podcasting context but in no other context, what is something you think people get wrong about you. Like somebody who would have seen you in those courses give you a really easy question for the end. It’s a really hard question.

20:53.51 Heat M.

20:59.63 Heat Ah, what do people get wrong about me in those Contexts That’s a great question and I don’t know because I try really hard not to think about how people.

21:17.30 podcomm You know.

21:17.21 Heat Might be thinking about me because that’s a place where I’ve gotten stuck for a long time and I’m like I need that not to matter I need to just be okay and so sometimes I show up and I feel like I’m a messy disaster and and may.

21:35.20 podcomm Doesn’t everybody please tell me everybody feels like that.

21:36.95 Heat I think so I think so and so I’m like you know what this is where I am right now and maybe people perceive that and maybe they don’t and it needs to be okay because this is where I am right now. So so I don’t know because I’ve tried very hard not to think about it. Ah. But I had someone from a different workshop make a comment six months later like we’re still meeting once a week in these in this group she made a comment about she’s like oh you don’t have all your shit together and I was like well wait wait what you thought that I had um.

21:58.70 podcomm Um.

22:13.39 podcomm That.

22:16.54 Heat Shit together like who have you been talking to So so yeah I’ve I’ve given up on figuring out What what people think like I’d love to know. But maybe.

22:26.46 podcomm Other people of Nick that’s probably a good will be a good a good strategy for life. No well look at the time there who knows all right He as much as I hate to say it I think that’s a good place to stop as good a place to stop as any airbag.

22:36.10 Heat Maybe I would love to know. Ah.

22:46.38 podcomm Um, the only problem with that is it’s also like a derogatory term for people who talk too much so I don’t want to just call people in airbag at the end of the show. Um because it was not in any way from my point of view that sort of experience for me I really enjoy talking to people and I was all excited to get a chance to talk to you for twenty minutes without like the hollywood squares of other people and like having to wait our turn. So it’s super fun.

23:04.42 Heat Thanks, Let me real quick heat dash weird last name dot Com The podcast is there. The blog is there the photography like everything is there all the show all the shiny bits. Thank you.

23:04.97 podcomm Thanks so much.

23:12.85 podcomm Um, everything is a from there. Cool Thanks a lot.