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00:00.-9 podcomm Hello I’m Craig Constantine say.

00:01.4 Johanna Hi I am Joanna patrice haggerty.

00:05.2 podcomm Um, welcome and Joanna. Um, yeah, it’s always a question of like how much they’re like um, should we do a practice run of the opening hello exchange like no, we’re adults I think we can just have fun with hello hi back at you? Um, it is.

00:17.4 Johanna Ah, well and I’m an awkward person anyway. So you’re going to get awkwardness. Regardless. So.

00:23.6 podcomm Let’s do some awkward silence. That’s good and I’m not cutting that out. Yeah, you know there is a real magic right? There’s like there’s awkward silence and then there’s like awkward silence. That’s not bugeant.

00:27.2 Johanna That was just about.

00:35.1 Johanna Yes, yes, we could push it there but let’s share more on an actual show.

00:41.4 podcomm Yeah, um, so as everybody knows by now. Um I don’t I know we were. We were so like Serendipity right? I’m like how long have you been podcasting and she’s like you know I actually think it’s been a year so I’m like I love I love to celebrate and and not just like I want to make up stuff that we can celebrate but like 1 year is nothing to shake you know a stick it. That’s not um, just mix my metaphors. That’s nothing to laugh at that’s quite an accomplishment and I’m wondering because like 1 of the things people always ask is um, how. Well okay, first they don’t ask anything but eventually if they do a few episodes. They start to wonder like hm how am I going to keep doing this like how am I going to keep going and you mentioned that you have access to some other people who help you with it and you you and I we were talking beforehand we were. We were talking about like your background and there’s a couple different ways that I can think to go here. But. I think the interesting way that I want to go is what does it mean to you to be a podcaster like what is someone who identifies as a podcaster.

01:42.1 Johanna Yeah I mean I think that the term that we could use which is sometimes I think a little out used ah overuse whatever the phrase but thought leader really I think people who are choosing to commit. To putting their voice and their words and their ideas on paper on you know audio on video all of that you really are in a position of being a leader and if you’re using your own thoughts in that process The thought leader is really the term that I would say and.

02:12.0 podcomm Um.

02:12.0 Johanna For me thought leaders are supposed to bring community together and we’re supposed to have hard conversations about things and we’re supposed to move economic generations forward right? and in business and personal life in you know, mental Health World. So Really I think. That we are supposed to be leading in whatever Realm We really choose is important for us to talk about.

02:32.6 podcomm Um, do you find? Um so I think that I agree with you. Just first of all to be clear sometimes I I always get nervous about like you know talking about but like I am like all right everybody else can’t hear what’s in my head because in my head I’m like um like I agree you know like wait say that out loud I agree. Um. But I’m wondering if if as I do you have trouble like you know 17110 episodes in it’s like it’s not like it’s it’s not like going to work. You know like I do the same thing again I split more rocks but where do you go to find. I’m going to say new ideas but I don’t mean like you have to reinvent your show every month and a half but like where do you go to like how how do you show up on the 50 eighth episode and go oh press record I got like good thing like how do you get to that energy level.

03:11.0 Johanna Right.

03:19.3 Johanna Yeah I think that that is such a valuable question and the way I set it up for me too is I am the kind of thought leader who wants to set the stage for other people to share their stories. So my leadership style is actually just getting the platform and then bringing other individuals. So the way it’s exciting for me is I have a different guest every single time. So now I’m up to I guess you know close to 50 episodes I think I missed a week or 2 in the process I know amazing and so in that process I’ve had.

03:40.3 podcomm Um. As ah, right.

03:50.1 Johanna Fifty or so different individuals who have come and shared their stories and my podcast is really focused on artists and art professionals and that’s a lot of the niche that I work in and so it’s just fascinating to talk with musicians and poets and writers and event producers and graphic designers and drummers. How is that? not fun.

04:08.2 podcomm Um, yeah I I would totally agree being in roughly the same you know I talk to other humans space. Yes, um, that’s in fact I sometimes create entire projects exhibit a entire projects because I want to just have more conversations with people. Um.

04:09.8 Johanna You know? ah.

04:27.0 podcomm And in particular I wanted to have more conversations with people who are passionate about podcasting which is like a plosives test and I and I thought well ah, but if I just made a show and removed all the parts that were a pain in the butt or that take time or that cost money and just invite people to come have cool conversations is there is there anything about um. And I don’t know if you only have ah first of all name of the show.

04:48.2 Johanna Ah, the name of the show is the Joanna patrice haggerty show and it is hosted on the Biz radio ashville in asheville north carolina not sure if you’re familiar with this area but it is gorgeous around here.

05:07.1 podcomm Ah, ironically I may be there in a week believe it or not I’m like okay we need a bigger planet. Yeah, we need a bigger planet I’m like wait and you like you when you say western north comment I’m like you have to be in Asheville ah, that’s a mother story.

05:07.1 Johanna Um, and so I’m really really partial to being able to work with.

05:13.5 Johanna Great. Well come visit I’ll show you around. Ah.

05:21.5 Johanna Yeah, and I honestly I I love living in in the outskirts too and and I’m looking for an artist’s retreat land out there as well. But really to me again. Ah you know Buzz Radio Asheville is a local radio station for music.

05:25.8 podcomm Is.

05:36.7 Johanna Biz Radio Asheville is a local radio station for business and I get to be connected to both of them through this process and so I just couldn’t be happier that it’s not me cutting through all of this noise to try and speak my mind I get to collectively do that with a team of other people who are in their own thought leader spaces.

05:47.8 podcomm Right. Um, what would what would happen if you had to do it all by yourself.

05:54.2 Johanna 2 So. It wouldn’t get done as frequent and as well quality I am sure of it I mean that’s what 1 of the things you said too about podcasting again just that having to get up and running doing all the tech stuff I’m really good at having people on the shows having conversations I’m not great at Technology. So.

06:01.8 podcomm So I thought.

06:16.0 Johanna My producer of thirty years Matt matan he’s the 1 who can come in and say I have all this experience I can come in I can show you how to do this. You know I can get this part done for you I can I can help you which is really valuable for me.

06:27.4 podcomm Yeah, even if um, so like a lot of people I think who are listening have podcasts or they’re like thinking about it or another number episode 1 hundred and that’s I think that’s the biggest challenge is finding another mind or 2 or 7 who are you know passionate so you can go well I get this great idea you know and then and and they don’t.

06:36.6 Johanna Oh.

06:45.9 Johanna Yeah, ah.

06:46.2 podcomm Like their eyes. Don’t glass over like what are you talking about? So I think that’s probably the magic sauce is to be able to find other people that you can you know, share that stuff with and and almost like a jazz music musician riff off of their ideas and what do.

06:57.9 Johanna Yeah, and there’s strength in numbers in the marketing side of that too right? You know again, it’s not just me having to cut through. It’s all of us collectively sharing this 1 website with multiples and then I get to have that information on my personal websites. My multiple business websites you know so that all kind of just.

07:03.9 podcomm Yes.

07:17.6 Johanna Brings it back together which is exciting.

07:17.8 podcomm Are there things? Um, so is this your first podcast like is this the first thing that you’ve created I’m wondering like no matter how much like so not my personal opinion. No matter how much the thing that I create. My idea eventually. It’s like okay this is getting a little like you know I’ve done this like a couple times now. Not this particular show but like.

07:42.2 Johanna Are this.

07:44.9 podcomm Are you starting to think woo I could also do ah like you know what’s the next podcast going to be what’s the next project going to be now that you’ve seen what this 1 can do.

07:53.3 Johanna That is a great question and I think for me I coin myself as an economic development specialist and I even take that 1 step further and I call myself an arts economic development specialist which is not necessarily a moniker most people have or even 1 that is. A true definition. But what I love about that is that I work with artists and creatives in the whole spectrum. So people who are just starting in their career right? The early entry point all the way into those people who are making 6 7 figures in their business. So for me, podcasting was 1 tool and 1 component of that I’m not sure I will need to do more than 1 show to really achieve that now. What I do know is there are lots of other projects and lots of other ideas that I can use in this podcast.

08:41.0 podcomm Um.

08:41.1 Johanna To Support right? more event production more community building I really have this long-term goal of an artist retreat Center. So The podcast itself can grow. But I’m not sure if the foundational knowledge needs to be more than 1 show because it’s about arts and it’s about economy and. That’s a pretty broad topic. You can talk about for a long long time. Ah.

08:59.9 podcomm Um, yeah, yeah, do see um ah something like do we talk about this before after I pressed the big red button we were talking at some point before after I pressed record about that. This isn’t your first foray into like.

09:17.7 Johanna Only.

09:17.9 podcomm Audio as a medium and I’m I’m wondering. Are there lessons from the radio industry. Um, maybe we can flip it around like are there things that you see other podcasters do that you think maybe if they had come from a radio background they would choose to do differently or things that you think your radio background has informed.

09:34.2 Johanna Um, well and you know again I kind of said earlier like 30 years what I meant to really be clear about that was that my producer Matt has 30 years experience in radio and so I am a brand new person in this side. But again.

09:36.6 podcomm Yeah, how you do things in podcasting.

09:52.2 Johanna We were mentioning I was doing publicity and so I have said on the other side of sending out press releases and so honestly for me 1 of the biggest things is getting on a podcast right? So an individual who is interested in having their story told is actually not as difficult as we sometimes feel it might be.

10:06.8 podcomm Um, right right.

10:09.3 Johanna So I think that actually is a big piece of feedback. What? but for podcasters I think in the same vein really showing up in the circles right for you. You are someone who talks to other podcasters so being on the platforms where we are right connecting with other podcasters we got hooked up through 1 of our colleagues who’s another podcaster. You know so.

10:20.5 podcomm Um, right.

10:27.8 Johanna Being in these worlds where your industry is having the conversation is so valuable and so that to me is the radio conversation Radio has multiple shows multiple things multiple you know collaborative ideas that are collectively coming. So if you’re solo as a podcaster. Need to go find a community to get involved in and connect with so you have those options too and think.

10:49.5 podcomm Yeah, that’s ah, that’s a great point. There’s um, sometimes it’s it’s called act as if and sometimes they just say fake it to you make it and on 1 hand, it’s like oh that’s kind of offensive because like you’re implying that what we do is so easy. You know that a person over there can just fake it but there is definitely.

11:03.3 Johanna Yeah.

11:08.3 podcomm Um, if you act as if you know, whatever you want to talk about podcasting radio. Whatever if you act as if the people that are seeing you act a mere quoting act. The people who are seeing you act. They don’t know the other you or any other you they go whoa. Well you.

11:23.2 Johanna Smile.

11:27.4 podcomm Looks like a podcaster or you sound like a podcaster. So maybe I’ll ask you a podcasting question or maybe I’ll give you a podcasting opportunity and I think when when people say fake as you make it I think that downplays the role that the other people have in offering you opportunities and so when you you know when if you.

11:39.6 Johanna Right? right.

11:45.9 podcomm When people say act as if and then opportunities Arise. So I I like I agree with you I like that idea of yeah if you just get in the swimming pool then things will come up and it’s not… It’s not like a. Poofy Positivity like the universe will provide for me if I just like no you you have to do the work you have to show up and and take the licks.

12:00.8 Johanna Right? And I’m actually a huge fan of both sides you know, primarily what I’m focused on right now my business which is called art hero is educating artists on business and so what we basically go through is what I call the abcs of business and when you think about. Abcs you think about foundational knowledge you think about learning the first time you’ve gone into a pool. The first time you tried to write for anything right? It was clunky. It was messy. It was awkward. You know so I think that it’s even 1 step before having to fake it till you make it. It’s just being willing to try.

12:26.9 podcomm Right? That’s a mess.

12:38.9 Johanna Is really valuable and so for me again I had been in so many other worlds in the podcast adjacent scene that I knew I was good at talking to people I knew I was really good at bringing big ideas to the table and so that’s really what it’s about if you know that you fit in this world but you just maybe have it tried podcasting get out there.

12:45.8 podcomm Um.

12:58.8 Johanna If you hate the sound of your voice and freeze every time you jump on air even call your grandma or something maybe podcasting the avenue for you. So I think that there’s always these ways to say what are the basic skill sets I have who am I and then what is the best Avenue for me to really take that to the next level.

13:01.8 podcomm Um, but work on that.

13:17.5 podcomm Who Um, what was there anything on you know, anything on your mind when you were on your way to the recording session because um, and people who are listening. Everybody’s Invited. There’s you It’s like Self-serve. You can just slot yourself into my schedule. But I tell people once they grab their spot. It sends you like a hey you’re confirmed and then in the in the message I write like there’s no need to Prepare. There’s no need to show up early and that turns out to be like a really the some people would say that’s ah, that’s a generous gift I’m like no, it’s just me trying to make it easy. Um, and I’m just thinking like are there.

13:47.8 Johanna Right.

13:53.6 podcomm Things that you so when you showed up, you’re like that was cool like I can do that I can do not prepare. Um, but I know that you normally do prepare and I’m wondering in the back of your head the front of your head is going. Don’t prepare but the back of your head was probably preparing anyway. Are there things that you were thinking like I wonder if we’ll get to dot dot dot like whether.

13:57.3 Johanna I Appreciate the informality of the process.

14:12.8 Johanna You know it’s interesting because the the first question you asked before we even got on air was what does podcasting even mean to you and that’s really what it spurred because I still am kind of trying to identify myself as a podcaster as a radio host as as all of these labels and so.

14:13.7 podcomm Topics in mind.

14:30.6 Johanna Really loved that. It just kind of made me think about that concept of who am I How do I label myself and do I even have advice to offer other podcasters and and I really love the concept again of being in a unique space where my show is actually kind of produced through a radio show.

14:35.5 podcomm Um.

14:49.1 Johanna Then it gets to be in this podcast platform and so just the things that kept bubbling up was I do things a little bit differently kind of all around the board. You know my my business website is art hero dot biz and if you show up there the very first thing it says is making business. Fun is a rebellious act. And so that’s really what I focus on is how do we make it fun and so I guess I guess I just was floating around with the idea of people who are really interested in sharing their ideas podcasting is terrifying sometimes there is so many logistics so start to find some of the tools that make it easier. What are some of the podcasting sites that are a littleteral comprehensive. What’s going to do some of the you know distribution process. What’s going to do some of the but.

15:29.5 podcomm You know? yeah some of those tools I’m like okay that tool is kind of cool people are like yeah look you could just open this up and it and it say what? like? Okay I mean I’m.

15:38.1 Johanna I mean nowadays you can almost find a tool for everything. So again, if you really feel like being a podcaster is important to you and you’re working on it and you’re like oh my gosh I can’t do this every week start to think. About different methods. You know, do batching right? do 5 or 6 episodes at the very beginning of the month and then you know whatever it works for you and and the work that I do with creatives which I imagine almost all podcasts have a little bit of that art of creative brain. We have to really work around ourselves.

16:02.9 podcomm Um, yep.

16:09.4 Johanna And again that concept of what tools work for you what time frames for you I decide to record weekly so that if I Miss a week or 2 I can put 2 on there I can get stocked ahead. You know so just finding the tools in the systems I tested out doing my podcast for an hour at 1 point and I realized that was just too much. It was too long. People weren’t as interested in the content they couldn’t get into the meat of it so we moved it back to a half hour just be willing to test things out and try right.

16:34.8 podcomm Yeah, it’s it’s um, it always surprises me how I get um, ossified like I don’t know I’ve always done it that way like and then when I back out and go. But why why is it that way like I don’t know it’s just something you pick up habits you pick up mannerisms.

16:48.8 Johanna Yeah.

16:54.6 podcomm Pick up things you like to say my team jokes about.

16:54.9 Johanna And do you unintentionally start judging what’s working and what’s not again as a business coach in particular I have these people come and they say oh well Facebook never worked for me I’m like well what did you do? They’re like well I posted on my personal page about my business I’m like oh okay, cool, let’s look at this right and we can kind of get into the nitty-gritty. So.

17:08.2 podcomm Um.

17:14.2 Johanna I go so much into key performance indicators. We talk all about how do you track information in your business and for a lot of artists and creatives. They’re like what that’s terrifying. But I’m like okay with Instagram how many followers are you having more followers or less followers.

17:24.2 podcomm That.

17:29.0 Johanna That’s a key performance. Indicator. Are you having people buy from you online if you’re making sales online or not like it can be basic and simple too. So I try to take high level concepts and break it down and say you can achieve anything you want and I think podcasting is 1 of those that. Feels unattainable sometimes but is not… It’s totally within everybody’s grasp.

17:46.3 podcomm Do you think there’s um, ah my I’m drawn to the connection between drawn to my microphone too is I swatted I’m drawn to the connection between audio and creatives. So I’m wondering if there are people out there who.

18:00.7 Johanna Smooth.

18:05.7 podcomm They don’t think of themselves as being creative like because when we say the C word they’re thinking painter or sculpture. Yeah, and I’m I’m wondering if maybe audio.

18:09.2 Johanna Right? You really do have the word creative get put into arts a lot. Yeah.

18:19.8 podcomm And I’m chuckling because it’s like it’s not easy, but audio just feels so easy right? You just press record how hard could this be oh, you’ll find out. Um and I’m just wondering if there’s something about audio that opens up access grammar backwards fail opens up so art gets pigeonholed. As sorry backwards creatives creatives creativity gets pigeonholed as art and audio doesn’t feel like art. Although it is and I’m wondering if this doesn’t open up a gateway to a different pie slice of the creatives out there for you like have you discovered that because you’re.

18:42.0 Johanna Yeah, you.

18:57.4 podcomm Doing this in audio you’re having access to different kinds of creatives.

18:59.8 Johanna Yeah I think that that’s a great point I’d also see that video nowadays particularly for creatives. They’re really receiving that well but that still includes audio so you get this visual and then you get this audio conversation and.

19:09.5 podcomm Um, name.

19:15.6 Johanna To be quite honest, 1 of the new apps that I love the most is clubhouse because it’s just audio right? and I get to show up in my pjs don’t have to worry about anything and I can have a really authentic conversation. So I would say that using audio is such a valuable tool and like you said we are.

19:19.1 podcomm Um.

19:34.2 Johanna Pushing record have no real clue. What’s going to come up and this is creativity. We have created a piece of art out of this moment out of this time and it’s really beautiful and powerful to timestamp that put it out there and say here’s my stuff receive it all right? that’s.

19:38.5 podcomm Right.

19:47.8 podcomm Um, yeah.

19:50.0 Johanna That’s not always easy for people. There’s that limiting belief of oh my gosh who’s going to want to even hear what I have to say too. So.

19:56.4 podcomm True as much as I always hate to say it. Um I think that’s a great place to stop for today. Joanna thank you for taking time out of your morning. Um, hope the weather is nice down in Asheville and thanks.

20:04.1 Johanna Sharon.

20:10.3 Johanna Yeah, no Problem. It’s been such a pleasure I will always wrap about the creative economy I will be happy to talk about. You know what? it means to use our words in a creative capacity to really share thoughts and move ideas. Forward. So… Thank you for what you do with the podcasts.

20:28.3 podcomm Um, bye.