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00:00.00 podcomm Hello I’m craig constantine hi lizzy. It’s a pleasure to have you join me on the show today. We do a little precall and I like to ask people like free association mode. What comes to mind when I say podcasting and you particularly brought up right out of the gate.

00:01.26 Lizzie Hi and I’m Lizzie rhodes-james.

00:19.87 podcomm It’s hard work and then you also said like I don’t actually have a podcast but I’ll point out that you said how many episodes do you have how many episodes did you put out. Yeah right? 400 okay so I don’t care that you’re not currently pushing publish. You’ve done a lot and I think there’s a lot of experience.

00:26.16 Lizzie Four hundred.

00:37.79 podcomm That is is maybe hiding in there that maybe you do Maybe you haven’t realized you have and um you mentioned when I said why would you want to do all the hard work and you said because you wanted to give back and there’s a lot that you’ve learned and I’m wondering what was it like when you got to.

00:40.48 Lizzie I.

00:55.82 podcomm Um I don’t want to say the end I’m air quoting but when you got to the end and you decided to stop publishing. Do you feel like you’ve accomplished what you wanted to accomplish like the learning or the giving back. Do you feel like you’re you’re done or do you feel like you stopped for some other reason.

01:09.80 Lizzie So I think it is a pause perhaps rather than a stop. So I did some recording um last august of long f so 1 in particular who somebody put huge amount effort and was very vulnerable and I feel guilty that I still not put it out there. But um.

01:12.43 podcomm Oh.

01:25.83 Lizzie So I think it’s a pausing I think it’s ah podcasting is amazing opportunity to share and I love giving so as part of that process. It’s ah it’s great to do that and I guess now I’ve got into a routine of understanding what it is and you’re talking about learning. That’s what it is. You know that’s that period of time where you consider and then you perhaps. Draft then you write some people read it off sometimes you do it completely off the top of your head. So yeah, there’s a combination of things really and I think the moment it’s pausing. Um I think on the last episode I did say start in the new year so that’s fast, approaching. Not quite sure how soon the new year that will be happening. But yeah.

02:02.22 podcomm Sometimes I get the urge to go back and edit things that I’ve published like you know if I just snip that sentence off the end of there and reput the m p 3 file out would anybody really notice. Um, there’s definitely an aspect of of keeping myself honest.

02:19.20 Lizzie Ah.

02:20.92 podcomm To the work that I do so even in these shows where it’s mostly me just chasing my curiosity um and talking to other people. There’s also an aspect of what questions do I choose like which parts of my curiosity do I share with people listening.

02:24.82 Lizzie A.

02:33.16 Lizzie Um I.

02:36.44 podcomm Um, and that keeps me honest about like why like in the big picture. Why am I still podcasting why am I still having conversations and I’m sensing in your um, you were doing short you know minute 2 minute 3 minute type of recordings. Do you find that you.

02:40.44 Lizzie I.

02:46.71 Lizzie Um, and.

02:52.33 podcomm Were you using that as ah as an accountability type of thing and do you if you were do you miss that now that you’re not doing it like what part of what you were doing is calling you back. The strongest.

03:01.76 Lizzie I Think giving back I see I mean you rightly points out you know, get about giving back. You know what you giving what have you been given to give back. But I think it’s it’s about it’s what is.

03:08.89 podcomm Yes.

03:14.83 Lizzie You know there’s always part of learning and your own experience of what that actually is so I guess um, you beautifully put it out. Perhaps it’s gratitude for what you have had to allow other peoples to learn from that and I think also though when you listen to podcasts. Sometimes it’s nice to have some kind of reassurance around what you’ve experienced or what you’ve heard is. Is something what you’re going through too. So It’s I guess it’s it’s giving in some ways that people can feel that it can be better in some way as a result of listening to it whether there’s thought provoking idea or a tip or a tool. Um, so they can use that for themselves to be better.

03:51.54 podcomm Do you try to figure out sometimes I try to figure out I’m wondering if you do to try to figure out whether or not particular podcasts are more ah episodes that I’ve created are more successful than other ones. So I have a conversation. I think they’re all awesome like I enjoy the conversations like yay winning you know Hashtag craigwinning. But then sometimes I zoom out and I think well I should try to figure out are the people who are listening to the project are they enjoying a certain kind of guest or are they enjoying certain facets of my curiosity more than others and. That like that can be really good like if I sit down and think you know why do I keep asking this question some particular thing then yeah, that refines what I’m doing. It makes the conversations better and the listeners get more out of it. But it can also be a vicious task master to like continuously like Navel gaze at what piece should be better and.

04:31.58 Lizzie So.

04:46.17 podcomm Do you do do you do that? have you looked like have you thought back about all right? Well the first hundred that I did I was really into x and now for the second hundred I think I should do more of that or do less that like how self-aware and like selffeedback. That’s that’s not grammar. But. How self-aware and how self- feedbackbacking have you been with the whole arc of the whole four Hundred that you’ve done.

05:09.40 Lizzie Great! Love that great feedbacking? Um I love it. No, it’s good I love it so that yes there has been so for the first I don’t know how many I was um, doing podcasts and I was also writing on linkedin.

05:13.39 podcomm Sorry it’s otherwise take me two minutes to figure the gram route.

05:29.24 Lizzie And then for the latter piece I was I was actually half cheating I was what I was writing on Linkedin I was essentially creating into a podcast and so I guess the feedback I had was potentially how many people read what I did on Linkedin but I think if you get too wrapped up in that.

05:37.00 podcomm Um.

05:48.52 Lizzie You’re being driven. What are you being driven by are you being driven by the audience. You don’t actually know who the audience looking at it or why are you being driven by the means of doing it and I I seem to remember which is why I got in the first place on the Kimbo workshops just having a go and I think it’s just so pertinent but by having a go and thinking about it and just keep doing it.

06:02.76 podcomm Right.

06:07.60 Lizzie If I was I vivid remember because I first started doing it I was at my sister’s house and I was standing I think in my nephew’s bedroom to record whateverever I was doing this was before I went live with the podcast and it was just literally was top of my head so it’d be some kind of business or leadership piece or it might be relating to obviously coaching is completely confidential, but it might be relating to. Ah, coaching conversation. A topic of a coaching conversation and I there some of that. So for me, yes, it was partly looking at it and I think from the technical perspective I was probably more aware of it rather than the the pure content perspective. But I I guess I’ve now been I think. Just about being writing not quite every day but pretty much every day for a year on linkedin just by doing that. The words have got better because I don’t know how many people listening to this have done their own podcast. Some of it’s completely off your mind. You know as in.

07:03.53 podcomm Brave.

07:03.97 Lizzie Thinking and you speak at the same time which is what we’re doing now but many of the podcasts particularly latterly were you know I’d write them and then I’d read them off so it becomes a much more so potentially a much more succinct conversation and then from that you can learn as to what works and I think the other piece is when I was um, looking at the other day. Actually also supported my writing so I would actually do the podcast and sometimes tweet the writing before I’d press publish on Linkedin because it allows you to better be able to see perhaps how the flow of what you’ve written comes out too. So I Guess the word. Yes, there were simple to answer the question is yes, there were.

07:35.71 podcomm Um.

07:41.72 Lizzie 1 was around the technical piece. What could I do differently and the second thing was around how could artic articulate the words. So the message came across in a succinct way. But I guess by using voice rather than just words like you would at Linkedin it just becomes a bit more personal.

07:48.69 podcomm And.

07:55.80 podcomm Um, there are so many different I like to lean on the I think of as george sarot or serro the point alist the famous point alist painter like you know people in the seventy hundred s of the beach and kind of thing. Um, and.

08:07.45 Lizzie Ah.

08:12.98 podcomm If you even if you’re not intending to make a large picture if you are doing something that has individual episodes or you’re running individual blog posts or linkedin posts you are making an overall mosaic out of your work somebody is going to like put it all in 1 place and step back and go what does that look like and I’m i.

08:14.41 Lizzie A a.

08:31.26 podcomm Don’t do the type of podcast episodes that you do I don’t generally do host on mic I don’t generally do the small short form Everyday type of thing and I’m wondering but I do often step back from my work and try to go like okay 60 episodes of this like am i. Am I still doing the same thing that I thought I was doing like I do try to step back and look at the work from across the room have you have you tried to look at your I’m going to call it the whole body of that podcast Network have you tried to step back and look at it to see um, well first of all, have you tried to do that and does it make some kind of coherent image. Or some sort of type of coherent body of work that you can see.

09:07.73 Lizzie So I think what it seems what you just said. It’s about the what are the key themes that are coming from it and yes I’ve tried to and I think and part of it has been around I wrote some manifestos which I did as well which was around ah focus. Think with creativity I think what the other ones were but what? what? So yes, there were themes. But I think there’s still I’m still although it sounds bizarre trying to sort of hone in on. So it’s all about better. What does better mean what it better means it’s in the eye of the Beholder. It’s not in mine. Is it better like coaching.

09:43.70 podcomm Um.

09:45.12 Lizzie You know what does success mean to you is different to what success means success means to me and therefore it’s important that you pick out what that is so in the same Way. What are the themes that’s coming from that and I think the the potentially are the themes in that whether it’s pausing Priorities. Creating a picture of your success Planning. You know there’s kind of consistencies there. But I think Also though it’s trying to for me going forward as Well. It’s trying to nothing’s new under the sun or somebody referred to something else talking to earlier. So therefore it’s not, you’re going to be different but how you shape that and how you share that potentially allows. People to be interested in it and again it’s not about you know, chasing the likes but it’s chasing the people who potentially can gain the most from it.

10:33.69 podcomm Um, when did you I think we mentioned this you started podcasting in 2019 or 20202020 and so it’s it’s like what a yearre in 2 months a year in 3 months. It’s a.

10:42.12 Lizzie 2020

10:51.73 podcomm Fairly recent addition to you know, like who you are and how you give back? is there anything that you can point to that you set aside in particular to make space for that new habit of that new activity because four hundred episodes. Took you, you know at least 8 hundred hours right? to do all that like is there anything that you can say yeah I set this other thing down to make space to do that.

11:17.69 Lizzie So particularly with the lockdown. It was slightly easier so I liked to exercise in the morning and I didn’t have access to a swiming pool and particularly through the darker months I couldn’t go out I like to exercise relatively safely in the world of things So I used to get I I Naturally wake up early in the morning. So I get up and write. And do podcasting before anyone else was awake so it and it’s the land that time and even now even though I’m swimming I’ll come in I’ll write something potentially for a blog or have someone create some ideas which then so it’s it’s creating that system and that habit. So the system about how you use things.

11:37.99 podcomm Um.

11:56.80 Lizzie The the tools to be able to create the podcast and you know with your changing your editing and things like that. So that’s 1 bit and then the second thing is was around the writing and the considering the subject and sometimes even this you know going swimming can anybody help that too because it gets you mind going. But. So it’s for me, it’s around creating a habit habit. Yeah, it’s kind of a routine that consistently do and morning is to me is always the best whether you’re morning person or not. It’s the time I’ve sensed that you have the most control over because it’s generally before you’ve opened your emails before someone has.

12:32.63 podcomm Um, the doorbell rings the mail arrives right? yeah.

12:33.52 Lizzie Got hold of you and yeah and so therefore it’s the only time you have control over it so before you cut into anything else use that and for me I’ve got 2 children and so for all of before they got up. It’s before they need me as well.

12:51.68 podcomm A lot of people who get into podcasting they have like a particular thing that they wanted to share. Um.

13:00.26 Lizzie Ah.

13:03.87 podcomm And I don’t know whether a lot is forty percent of all people or sixty percent of all people or forty percent of the people that I’ve bumped into are like I’m not quite sure what I mean by a lot but I have this feeling I have this um experience of a lot of people have a thing that they want to share I want to share this story or I want to share. Other like they have something they’re going after and it really sounds like you just fell into I don’t mean that in a bad way but just fell into doing the short form daily podcast as a way of thinking. Um, but what brought you into the podcasting course if. If I’m right if you didn’t have ah yes, I’m starting a podcast because as most people seem to when they start podcasting.

13:46.45 Lizzie So my podcast is called lizzie’s inner strength moments or moments of inner strength I should know the right way around. but um but 1 of so 1 of the things. So I oh gosh I don’t know how far was it about a year and a half before that. Maybe.

13:54.19 podcomm Um, yeah.

14:05.73 Lizzie I was doing a bit on Linkedin ah Twitter about lizzie’s and moments of inner strength and so I guess there were but that’s what I labeled it because I didn’t know where else to label it so there wasn’t Necessari anything concrete but I knew I wanted to do something that allows to share content for which other people can benefit from.

14:13.62 podcomm Um.

14:22.59 Lizzie And Podcar I’d all for I don’t know at least 2 if not 3 years beforehand I kind of said hey I’m going to do a podcast and so that’s how I and I came across a kimbo and it was just timely so it was it was more to do with that. So. There wasn’t yeah there was not about a story or a particular you know you know. High performance or anything else. It was just allowing that flow and I think through that enjoy being creative and I enjoy sharing. It’s very much part of the value to my value system. So it combines well together I Think going forward again. You ask? What’s Happened. You know what might but happen next is perhaps to be a bit more deliberate on that. But again. It’s like anything. It’s it’s evolving and through the process of doing it. It’s still evolving. Ah it doesn’t feel like I’ve kind of pinpointed exactly what that is, but it’s yeah I mean as you say it’s time Consuming. So I Guess the fact that I don’t do it Now. Ah take gives me some excuse.

15:15.80 podcomm It’s hard work. Yes, you said it first. It’s hard work. Yes.

15:18.94 Lizzie It gives me a bit more time to what gives me time to do something else but because I’m swimming now in the morning it that fills my time till about because I swim between 6 about 6 and 7 and by the time I’m back on my bike. So yeah.

15:32.99 podcomm Um, what do you think about people who so that I’m to say there’s 2 kinds of people. There’s people who followed your journey. You know the episodes the podcasting they followed that year and a half of hard work.

15:44.00 Lizzie A.

15:49.41 podcomm May not have known how much work was going on behind the scenes but they followed that journey with you versus people who might find the ah find your show. They know they’re listening. They’re like wait. What and now they’re running off to go like started episode 1 What are your thoughts on on the experiences or the takeaways or how it would affect people. If they were along for the journey with you versus finding the journey as ah, an artifact or a thing that’s now just sitting out there.

16:15.43 Lizzie That was great question I and I guess the sense the nature of my podcast is you can dip in dipping and out and it doesn’t matter and they’re quite time timeless and I guess that’s 1 of the reasons I’m trying to think if I ever mentioned a particular dates I think. Maybe 1 around ah remembrance Sunday or the eleventh of November last year but I can’t recall any being specific so they’re timeless so it doesn’t matter and that’s the nature of them. But we know we talk about and when you talk about the stoics particularly at the moment and. You know the core components a lot of what we do now is not changed for thousands of years and it’s just regurgitated and I was for somebody I used to know senior in leadership in a large tech organization sort a number years ago I said never bothered reading business Books. You just went to to the ancient greeks because ultimately they still.

16:56.50 podcomm Yeah, right.

17:09.50 Lizzie They repeated what we just get repeated in different formats now.

17:12.10 podcomm And that journey of discovering you know oh this stuff’s a thousand years old this loves 2000 years old that that journey of discovery there’s no shortcut right? Like you can’t you know you can’t say to people here’s the 1 paragraph summary and and this is all you need is that they really need to like. Knock the dust off and and go this stuff’s really old and then here’s another version and then find the version that resonates with them because that’s going to be different for everybody and some people read some people are visual. Some people are auditory learners cool anything else I’m watching our time take down anything else that. You know all the threads I haven’t pulled on that are like in your head you just want to chase in the last few minutes

17:53.80 Lizzie No I don’t think so I think you know the nature of podcasting is that for me, it’s not it was. It’s a learning journey as you go on. Not only is from the being the creative content producer but also from the technical side as well and although like anything you know there’s no way if you said to me. I think it was something like the sixth september twenty twenty I think was my first episode of mind being the eleven. Anyway, it’s around the early September if you said I’d done I would do four hundred episode I would have never ah said that. So.

18:22.37 podcomm Um, you’re crazy right.

18:25.65 Lizzie So so it’s a case. It’s a really good example of perhaps you know a stoic say you know take 1 step at a time and think in the moment rather than worrying about what might be coming next because you just don’t know and the reason I stopped at four hundred because I was going to stop a few weeks just because there was lot kind of going on and I just thought no I need a pause of this because of the content. Needs a fresh start or something. But ultimately I could have carried on because I’m still carrying on doing things on Linkedin so who knows but that’s what I’d say you know it’s it’s a great opportunity to learn and you do it and you can transfer that to other parts of your life.

19:00.80 podcomm I love that you that like the last thing you’re going to end on is these words of encouragement about small steps and just start I love there’s ah I don know if lao zoo said it or its old chinese travel about if there’s somewhere that you need to be. You need to start walking you know like it’s that first step just like start. Um.

19:17.41 Lizzie The.

19:20.22 podcomm I think there’s that’s really really astute for you to like want to end on that and I I also think there’s ah you didn’t say it I’m wondering if you’re aware of it. But there’s also a lot of wisdom in knowing when to stop walking you know like. I’m here like okay I’ve done four hundred I can stop here. This is okay for now. So yeah, um, ah, cool I will just say I think that’s a great place to stop and thanks so much for joining me Today. Lizzie.

19:45.75 Lizzie Oh thank you Craig for inviting me to be here.