Todo items for this guide

A list

A rough listing of some thing that you might pick off in this guide.

  • This list itself! Click the edit button and add something to this list :slight_smile:
  • Go to the Examples of show formats section add a heading for a type of podcast. Or write a short description for a type. Or find a great example (or two, or three) and add them under the right section.
  • The Diagram of Basic Podcasting Elements could use a brainstorm-dump of what we’d like to see in the diagram?

Request access

If you haven’t already, start by clicking this :arrow_forward: @podguides and then click the button to request joining the group. That will give you the ability to make edits.

Then go edit

Every topic here is a Wiki. They have a Edit link below the main body of each topic. (That’s below the first post, but above any replies that may be also be posted.)