Other resources

This topic is a collection of resources, communities, books, etc… of interest to Podcast Creators. If you have something to add, simply post in #public and let us know.

:thinking: The Site map topic describes where everything is in this community.


EthosFL — If you know what “Forward Link” was, you’ll be interested to know a group of people and created, “a place for [Akimbo] alumni who want to collectively create a new home for this diverse community.” ~ Tim Banks

Steve Heatherington runs an email list wherein he coordinates a terrific gaggle of people for monthly checkin calls. Details at, https://forwardpodcasters.link


Make Noise by E Nuzum — “A slow read but riveting. Slow because you have to keep stopping and put it into practice. A must read” ~ @steveh

So You Want to Start a Podcast by K Meinzer


Thatpart podcast app “Allows you to share a clip of a great podcast by simply taking a screenshot of your podcast player. Clever!” ~ @JuleKucera Also see the topic, Send a podcast clip

Mics — Microphones come up so often, it’s best to use the :mag: icon top right. Search for “mics”


Audio Playground —“A great resource to flex your audio muscles and have fun doing it. Some widely inventive approaches to sound and audio production. They refer to it as an audio doodle culture.” ~ @brucedevereux