New Podcast step and production

Hey Craig and all,
I am in the process of setting up a podcast and currently looking for someone to help me with the equipment setup and production piece.
Your tips and guidance are welcome. Thanks.

Welcome @Barry!

That’s a really big question. Can you tell us more about what you want to accomplish?

By the way: I’ve moved your topic out to the Public category, where it’s more likely to be seen. (The Help category is for tech support using this platform.)

…and your question, reminded me that I had an email sitting in my mailbox. I’ve just put up this post which you my also find useful: Free Webinar: With Alex DiPalma and Kenya Denise of Domino Sound

Hi Craig,
Thanks for your quick response and for the information you provided.
I was hoping to find someone who can assist me with setting up my own podcast.
My question might not have an answer; however, are you aware of anyone who might be open to being my mentor?
I need some hand holding to be sure that I am taking the correct steps.
I am grateful for your assistance.

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I don’t know of anyone here who specifically mentors (or even does for pay), exactly what you’re looking for.

…but look through the Introductions category’s topics. Our Support Members can post introductions in there, and someone might be amenable to helping you.

Although this community isn’t built to directly help with “sofa to published podcast” — if you can find clear questions, just keep asking here (right on this thread is fine) and people will just keep answering them :wink:

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