How to be a guest on Podtalk


Hello, I’m Craig Constantine.

This is Podtalk. Short conversations with indie podcasters that are not just about podcasting, because I like to take the scenic route.

In each episode, I talk with indie podcasters about their shows, experiences, what they’ve learned, what motivates them, and… well, everything related to podcasting from the indie creator’s point of view.

pod-talk 150

You do not need to have an active podcast
to join me for a conversation.

Do you consider yourself an indie podcaster? :thinking:

Great! :sunglasses:

You’re the sort of person I want to talk to.

To learn more about my podcasting work, check out my creator page on Podchaser. Everything else about me can be found on my personal web site But no pressure! I only mention that stuff for those guests who like to go digging before diving in.

You are invited

Let’s skip past the Imposter Syndrome, where you think you’ve got nothing to say. :slight_smile: Take a breath. That’s better. Now . . .

I invite you to join me for about 25 minutes of recording, audio-only. Pick a spot via this Calendly link :arrow_down:

If you don’t see a day, or time-of-day, that works for you, just get back to me in whatever channel we were communicating. I’ll do my best to find a date/time that works for you. Or tell me when you want me to ask you again later, (“give me a couple weeks”, or “ask me again next month”, …and I’ll followup with you then.)

How we’ll record

We’ll be using — You will need a desktop or notebook computer
and the Chrome web browser. This is the hardest part; You must use a Chrome web browser to join the recording call. It’s a video call so we can see each other, but we only record the audio.

Safety net

After we stop recording, you decide if I publish it. Seriously. You get a big, safe, veto option. Published or vetoed, I’ll still be glad we had a chance to have a cool conversation.


There’s no need to prepare, and there’s no need to show up early.

Hour meeting

You’ll receive a Zencaster invite via email about 15 minutes before the scheduled time. There’s no need to show up early though. We’ll have plenty of time.

Record ~25 minutes

After some warm-up conversation, we’ll dive in. We’ll be recording audio-only.

Headphones, please

Please have headphones. If you have a good mic setup, that’s nice to have, (but not required.)

Can you use what we record?

Yes, of course!

When we’re done recording, just ask, and I’ll email you download links for the raw audio files.