Hi Friends! I'm Jennifer

Hello Everyone! My name is Jennifer. I’m a POD2, POD7 and TMS2 alumn and a proud Torontonian. I’m the CCO of a family-run distribution company, and we connect specialty retail with thoughtfully designed goods from responsible brands. Spending the last couple of years vetting goods in this way, trying to live as a minimalist with a young family, and becoming more and more concerned about the social, environmental and economic crises we are all facing, I decided to start a podcast celebrating the small businesses using thoughtful product design or intentional curation to create meaningful change. Cost of Goods Sold is the podcast, and I hope to inspire business owners to be more mindful in their decision making, and consumers to be more conscious of the impact that they can make with their purchasing choices. Happy to be here!


Hi @jennifermyerschua, so glad to see you here. I’ve just listened to your episode on cultivating mindfulness and empathy in children. So excellent. Great work! I loved the conversation and also all the little segments you put together for your podcast. It’s super professional sounding and I’m inspired!


Thank you so much for listening Elisa! I’m honoured! Maran is a really interesting guest and a really generous person. I’m so glad I could tell her story.


Love the name COGS, @jennifermyerschua!!!

@jennifermyerschua I spent a lot of decades owning/co-owning small businesses… with too many failures under my belt…what you ate doing sounds admirable.