Hi Everyone

Hi everyone,

My name is Matt Jensen and I started a podcast called The New Next a few months ago as a mechanism to be more self expressed and learn a new communication medium. I did not have really any idea what I was doing or a particular direction but I enjoy talking to people and what I’m passionate about.

After being on a friends podcast with a lot of experience (Nobody’s a Nobody with Mike McVey), he suggested that we explore co-hosting a podcast around my knowledge and career as a technology, energy and minerals expert, a big pivot from what I was doing previously which was walking through a forest blindfolded.

We are starting to upload content we’ve filmed over the past month and I am excited to start putting it out there on podcast platforms, LinkedIn and YouTube.

My friend Kathy Cocks who hosts the Knowledge for Caregivers podcast told me about podcaster.community so I joined.

I am excited to learn from and contribute to this community!


Welcome Matt :smiley:

You can also (as a Supporting Member — hey thanks for that) post your show over in #podcasts ( :arrow_backward: on this platform those are links to categories, not “tags”)

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Good to see you.


Hey, @jensen
Annie Parnell, here. Welcome to this community.

My podcast is author on mic. I write historical romantic suspense and you can find me at “Have I Got a Tale to Tell”–not everywhere yet, but: Amazon/Audible, google, and a few others (except spotify).

Are you in the know about “The Carbon Almanac”? That’s Seth’s big project about climate change that will be hitting the e-book and paperback world mid summer and has a podcasting arm attached to the marketing side. If you haven’t heard of it, check in with Jennifer @jennifermyerschua for more details.

AP (she/her)


I do now! Thanks for letting me know about this. Were/are you a part of this project? It’s a really cool idea.

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Thank you Annie!! And your episode is coming out this week!!

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Hey, @jensen
For the carbon almanac I spend most of my time with the education docs. My background includes instructional design so I thought that would be where I would be of the greatest use.

Our team has put together some fun and incredible integrations of TCA as an edu resource which will be free at the website once we go live. Our edu activities range from : edible insects and fast fashion to food waste, plant blindness and climate anxiety.

I see in the thread @jennifermyerschua is responding. You’ve joined an amazing and generous community . Enjoy! AnnieP