Hey, I’m Steve. Not that one, though…

@steveh, I mean, though he’s been tagged by mistake in at least half a dozen replies to my messages between POD7 & POD8. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Through an Akimbo lens, I’m a POD6 dropout (thanks, COVID), POD7 alum, POD8 remarkable as well as a TMS6 alum.

For the rest of the world, I’m a coach, aspiring ex-psychotherapist, and host of The Sensitive Rebel podcast. What’s a Sensitive Rebel? Someone who sees a way in which the world not only can, but should be better, but can struggle in their quest to create that change because they’re more attuned to the noise, norms, and energy of the world than the average person.

Each episode of the podcast is a conversation with another Sensitive Rebel. We start with a simple enough question: ‘what are you rebelling against?’ and roll from there.

Big thanks to @craig for doing the work to ship this community!


@steve I write and sing in a protest rock band…someone said about me “…and she ends every idea rant with ‘and we change the world’”
I think I would like to check out your podcast.