Hello I am Jamie Shepherd

I am an extrovert and thrive in community. I love this community so far.

I am a philosopher who speaks and writes.

I have written a couple of books and am working several more. I have owned businesses throughout my life and hope to someday be self supporting through self employment online (or offline if the right thing presents itself. I have done a pile of sales jobs, I majored in communication and started my adulting jobs in radio. I have been a homeschooler and a foster parent.

I hope to someday lead a community…I really love this platform (FB I tried and it is NOT my jam).

I hope to someday have an internet radio station that features one or two of my podcast, some others that fit the theme and music that fits the theme.

I also sing in a protest rock band…we haven’t performed yet and I currently have laryngitis (trying not to listen to the voice in my head saying "your voice is ruined permanently).

I am also deeply spiritual and am exploring mystic christianity.

Yes…that is a lot…I am a Jack of all trades and a master of nothing…YET!

love love love


Wow Jamie!! Community is (obviously :) something I’m into as well.

Guessing that you do not need another thing to do, this book might be an enjoyable way to scratch the community-building itch, without having to commit a lot of time.

lol…I would rather write a book on that topic than read one…

I someday hope to duplicate what you are doing here …A community for Creativity as a Spiritual Practice.