Guten Tag, ich heiße Nicole Warner. (Hello! I'm Nicole Warner.)

POD8 was where I became a podcaster and I podcast for work, which is

Before I became a private German tutor/instructor I taught English as a Foreign Language and sang professionally in Germany, before that I studied and sang professionally in the U.S., and before that I was a Wisconsinite. To bring it full circle: I am currently in Wisconsin and utilize all of my skills: speaking, performing/presenting, instructing, writing, singing, etc. and I weave them through my business.

Podcasting is a great way for me to meet new people because I dislike social media (I think of it as anti-social media) and I’m a big fan of * gasp * conversing with people.

The podcast is currently host-on-mic and at some point down the line I will branch out to interviews. You can find my podcast here: Podcast - GermanWithNicole or here: Easily listen to German With in your podcast app of choice


@GermanWithNicole is one hell of a terrific teacher, coach and podcaster…! :cherries:
(translated into English-German: I can say that, Nicole one hell of a terrific teacher, coach and podcaster is. ) :beers:


Danke @kristo !

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